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Re-imagining the Christian Body
Interdisciplinary Conference
University of Turku
2-3 November 2017

This conference concentrates on the ways in which the human body has been
imagined and re-imagined in different Christian cultures at different times from
Late Antiquity to present day. In Christianity the human body is often perceived
as a privileged site not only for the God-Man relationship but also for the
formation of, and relationships within and between, communities of believers.
These perceptions emerge from and generate different imaginaries of the body.
Imagination can be understood as a human faculty that in many ways plays a
central part in people’s religious lives and experiences. The notion does not
imply something that is false or untrue but rather denotes the ways people go
about constituting and perceiving their lived world and their immanent and
transcendent environments and relationships. Therefore, Christian imaginaries of
the body are not static but depend on the Christian culture in question and are
subject to negotiation and change. They also are often central to religious
schisms and conflicts but shared imaginaries of the body also have the capacity
to unite.

The conference focuses especially upon changes and alterations: how and why does
the Christian body become re-imagined in different Christian cultures? What is
the role of such imaginations of the body in religious practice, art, museums,
and science, for example? What are the methods and technologies for imagining
the body in these contexts? What ethical and other consequences do different
imaginations of the body and alterations in them have for Christians and for
society at large?

Keynote speakers in the conference are:

Bonnie Effros, Department of History, University of Florida

Annelin Eriksen, Department of Social Anthropology, University of Bergen

We encourage submissions from different disciplines and from a variety of
perspectives. Potential topics include, but are not restricted, to the

Historical imaginations of the body • Saints and relics • Body and identity
• Gender, sexuality and imagination • Illness and health • Power and
authority in limiting or expanding the imagination of bodies • Body in
religious art • Christian utopias and dystopias and the body • Limits of
imagining the body • Methods, practices and technologies for imagining the
body • Epistemology and imagination of the body • Imagination as
researcher’s tool

Proposals for individual papers should be sent to cscc at utu.fi by 20 June
2017. Please include in the submission a paper abstract of no more than 250
words and your name, affiliation and e-mail address. Notifications of abstract
acceptance will be sent by June 30. The conference fee is 50 euros (reduced fee
available for graduate students). This covers the programme, coffees and banquet
on Thursday evening. Conference homepage can be found at: reimagining.utu.fi.

The conference is organised by the Turku Institute for Advanced Studies (TIAS),
the Centre for the Study of Christian Cultures (CSCC) and the Turku Centre for
Medieval and Early Modern Studies (TUCEMEMS).

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