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Nordic and Baltic Studies Review
In 2016 a new international academic peer-reviewed periodical
is to be launched in Petrozavodsk (Russia). We believe that in a way it could
take up the mission of Skandinavskii sbornik (Skandinaavia kogumik, Skrifter om
Skandinavien, University of Tartu, 1956–1990).

The Review is designed as an international academic platform reflecting the
current state of research and defining perspectives of studies and teaching in
relevant fields. Aiming at interdisciplinarity in the broadest sense, it is
supposed to unite scholars in Nordic and Baltic history, international
relations, political science, cultural and linguistic studies. Among the
prioritized (although not exclusive) topic themes must be those of mutual
relations, influences and transborderness in the region, from the Viking Age up
to the present.

Special issue proposals are also welcomed (f. ex., for publication of
significant conferences papers or for discussion of specific research problems).

There is also an opportunity to publish lengthy articles, which is rarely
possible in academic journals.

We are also planning to register the publication in national and international
scientometric systems.

The publication languages are Russian and English (publication in the original
language with an abstract in the other).



-          History (including interdisciplinary studies);

-          Political Science;

-          Languages and Cultures (contacts and mutual influence);

-          Regional Studies;

-          Border Studies;

-          Nordic and Baltic Studies in teaching programs.


Operating schedule:

By 15 April 2015 — submission of publication proposals.

E-mail for sending proposals: nbs-ed at petrsu.ru

A proposal must include the type of publication (a scholarly article, book
review, research overview etc.), its title, abstract (a maximum of 300 words),
information on the author(s) with a short CV, not more than one page.

The authors will be informed on the acceptance/rejection of the proposals by 29


By 1 September 2015 — submission of the full texts.

The authors will receive the results of the blind peer-review by 15 October

By 1 December 2015 — submission of the final revised versions.


Hoping for cooperation,

Ilya Solomeshch

Associate Professor, Head of the Laboratory on the problems of Scandinavian
countries and Finland, Petrozavodsk State University, isol at karelia.ru

Leo Suni

Professor Emeritus, Petrozavodsk State University, suniawake at gmail.com

Irina Takala

Associate Professor, Head of the Interdisciplinary research and educational
centre FENNICA, Petrozavodsk State University, irina.takala at onego.ru

Alexander Tolstikov

Associate Professor, Petrozavodsk State University, a_tolstikov at mail.ru


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