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NORA is seeking submissions for a special issue scheduled for publication in
Autumn 2015
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Feminism in Postcolonial Nordic Spaces

Call for Papers

NORA is seeking submissions for a special issue scheduled for publication in
Autumn 2015

Deadline: 15 February 2015


Editors: Astrid Andersen, Kirsten Hvenegård-Lassen & Ina Knobblock


In recent years, the relation of the Nordic countries to colonialism has come
under increasing scrutiny. Feminist and postcolonial scholars have pointed out
that the Nordic countries (in various ways) relate to their colonial histories
and (post)colonial presents through a particular trope of exceptionalism. Their
participation in colonial enterprises is either forgotten or depicted as
particularly benevolent. In conjunction with this “colonial amnesia”, Nordic
societies are often perceived as homogeneous and far removed from any social
practices that may be described in terms of race (including Whiteness).


Nordic feminist scholars have been inspired by US and UK-based feminist debates
over the Whiteness of feminist subjectivity, which have led, amongst other
things, to the development of a framework of intersectionality. This framework
has been applied in particular to migration and processes of racialized
exclusion in the different Nordic nation states. However, less attention has
been paid to relations and spaces more immediately tied to a specific Nordic
colonial past and its present ramifications: first and foremost those between
Nordic majorities and indigenous peoples; and secondly also inter-Nordic
relations between former colonizers and colonized. Also related to the trope of
Nordic exceptionalism is the relation between majorities and minority groups
such as border minorities and Roma people. Matters of territory and land are
central in Nordic colonial relations, and are of specific concern for the Inuit
and Sami peoples in their struggles for self-determination and de-colonization.
However, at the same time, the social spaces (or ‘scapes’) that encompass
these relations also transgress bounded territorial locations related to


For the 2015 special issue of NORA, we welcome papers that centre on these
relations and their interrelated spaces, and the tensions and challenges
actualized by such a focus for feminist scholarship.


Suggested areas for submission include:


Nordic colonial pasts and present ramifications: gender perspectives Nordic
postcolonial spaces; intersections (for instance between race, class, gender,
religion and sexuality), positionalities and subjectivities Feminist
perspectives on the varying politics of belonging Feminist analyses of the
relations between Inuit and Sami people and Nordic majorities Feminist analyses
of Nordic exceptionalism in relation to ‘national minorities’ (such as
border minorities and Roma people) Indigenous feminism Postcolonial feminism in
the Nordic area, what does it imply?

Academia and Nordic postcolonial spaces; methodologies and epistemologies



Please find instructions for authors on our
homepagehttp://www.tandfonline.com/toc/swom20/current#.VDUdivmSx1V . Articles
must be submitted online via the NORA  ScholarOne™ Manuscripts site:

Please note that this Call for Papers is not yet uploaded on the homepage.


Ina Knobblock

Doktorand/Doctoral candidate

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universitet/Lund University Ina.Knobblock at genus.lu.se

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