[H-verkko] Helsinki, From Schauman to Breivik: Terrorism, Political Violence and the Nordic Countries

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>From Schauman to Breivik: Terrorism, Political Violence and the Nordic Countries

Helsinki, Snellmaninkatu 9
16.6.2014 – 17.6.2014

Organisers:  Professor Mats Fridlund (Aalto University) & University Lecturer
Leena Malkki (University of Helsinki)

In the wake of 9/11, Nordic countries are experiencing an increased attention
towards the threat of terrorism and political violence. Several Nordic countries
have seen outbreaks of low-scale terrorism and political violence by actors
across and outside the left-right political spectrum as well as a few more
lethal and spectacular examples such as attempted suicide attacks in Sweden and
Denmark and the Oslo car-bombing and Utøya massacre. These recent outbreaks are
part of a longer Nordic political history going back more than a century.

The objective of this conference is to bring together international researchers
to discuss the history and present state of political violence and terrorism in
the Nordic countries and build ground for common activities such as research
projects, conferences and colloquia. The conference takes exactly 110 years
after the first major terrorist attack in the Nordic countries in the form of
Eugen Schauman’s assassination of the Governor-General of Finland Nikolay
Bobrikov on 16 June 1904 in Helsinki.

The conference is open for all interested. Coffee and lunch are included for all

 Registration is obligatory for this conference. Please register asap, by 6
June 2014 by using this e-form:
For more information about the conference, please contact the organisers via
schaumanconference at gmail.com.

 The conference is organized by the Aalto University and the University of
Helsinki and co-sponsored by the Finnish Ministry of the Interior.

Tiedustelut: Mats Fridlund (schaumanconference at gmail.com)
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