[H-verkko] CFP: Song and Emergent Poetics: Oral Traditions in Performance A multidisciplinary conference on the interfaces of form, meaning and imagination in sung poetry

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Song and Emergent Poetics: Oral Traditions in Performance A multidisciplinary
conference on the interfaces of form, meaning and imagination in sung poetry
Song and singing represent a fundamental of human artistic behavior as well as a
multivalent mode of expression and communication that, in some form, seems to
manifest itself in every oral culture. Sung poetry transmits and renews cultural
knowledge through resources that are simultaneously conventionalized and
variable.  It is a vital site of imagination that carries earlier established
images and concepts about life and the world from the past that are used to
construct, reflect and negotiate the ideas and understandings of singers in the

Song and singing is approached from a multitude of diverse angles in research,
from its socially stable formal features to flexibility and meaningful creative
personal expression in improvisation, from its role and interconnection with
mythic knowledge, beliefs and mythology to the vernacular aesthetics of the
melodic structures through which its poetics are realized. It is studied by many
disciplines, including Folklore Studies, Musicology, Philology and

In order to draw their dynamic and diverse perspectives into fruitful dialogue,
we are organizing an international, multidisciplinary and multilingual
conference concentrated on “Song and Emergent Poetics: Oral Traditions in

 We invite presentations (papers) addressing any of the following themes:

 Song and singing as a form of oral tradition

Individual creativity and vernacular imagination in oral poetry
Communicating the language and structures of poetry through song
Communicating mythic knowledge through poetry and song
Improvization and emergent structures in singing traditions

 Keynote speakers at this event include:

Dr John Shaw (University of Edinburgh, the School of Scottish Studies)
Dr Taive Särg  (Estonian Literary Museum, the Department of Ethnomusicology)
Licentiate in Philology, Olga Susoreva (Mordvian State University, Finno-Ugric
Research Center)
Dr Astrid Nora Ressem (The Norwegian Folk- and Popular Song Archives)
Professor Emeritus, Dr Karl Reichl (University of Bonn)
Academy Research Fellow, Docent Jarkko Niemi (University of Tampere, Music

Scholars are invited to submit proposals for papers to be presented at the
conference.  Paper presentations should be 20 minutes in length and reflect a
topic of the seminar.  The language of presentation may be in Finnish, English
or Russian.  There will be simultaneous translation of each presentation into
the other two languages. 

If you would like to participate with a paper presentation in this event, please

An abstract of up to 500 words in Word-compatible documents (NO pdf-documents)
A CV-like summary of up to one page including degrees, research field(s),
current position/occupation and affiliation, and current contact information

These materials should be sent Karina Lukin at karina.lukin at helsinki.fi.   The
deadline for proposals is August 15th 2013.

The conference is organized by the Runosong Academy in cooperation with the
University of Tampere ('Song and singing as cultural communication', Finnish
Academy project), the Sibelius Academy (Folk music Department) and University of
Helsinki ('Oral Poetry,  Mythic Knowledge and Vernacular Imagination', 
Finnish Academy project).

Further information with suggestions for travel and accommodations will be made
available on our website http://www.runolaulu.fi/ajankohtaista/, or contact
Pekka Huttu-Hiltunen at pekka.huttu-hiltunen at runolaulu.fi or +358 40 2501395.

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