[H-verkko] CFP: CIMUSET and MPR meeting in Rio 10th-17th August 2013

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CIMUSET and MPR meeting in Rio 10th-17th August 2013
Call for papers for CIMUSET and MPR meeting in Rio

The next ICOM Triennial meeting will take place in Rio from the 10th -17th
August 2013. 

This year CIMUSET and MPR are holding a joint meeting titled 'Controversy,
Connections and Creativity' from the 12th- 15th August.

On each of the three days of meetings, we will explore one of each of the three

Papers will explore 'Controversy, Connections and Creativity' in science and
technology museums and the role of marketing and public relations in promoting,
managing and branding this particular type of museums. 

Controversy- Monday August 12th

The topics are (a) CIMUSET Controversial programs In science and technology
museums and (b) MPR Using marketing and public relations to deal with

Connections: Tuesday, August 13th

The topics are:(a) CIMUSET How to make science and technology museums relevant
to visitors (b) MPR How to use marketing and public relations to build new
audiences for science and technology museums 

Creativity: Wednesday, August 14th

The topics are: (a) CIMUSET Creative solutions: programs to build audience
engagement in science and technology museums (b) MPR Creative solutions:
innovative marketing to build profile and positioning for science museums and
technology centres


This is the call for papers. Abstracts of 200 words are required by the 25th
of  April. Please indicate which of the three themes (Controversy, Connections
or Creativity) you paper is designated for and add your name, title, your
institution or company and contact details. The process is competitive and a
total of 10 papers from CIMUSET and 10 papers from MPR will be selected.
Successful applicants will be notified by 25th of May and asked to hand in a
full paper to be published on a CD for the conference. 

Each author will have a 15 minute presentation that will be held in English and
5 minutes for questions. 

Those interested in presenting their experience should forward their work prior
to the organization of the CIMUSET by the address 

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