[H-verkko] CFP: Call for Papers: Militarizing the Civil Society – Civilizing the Military Society

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Call for Papers: Militarizing the Civil Society – Civilizing the Military

 An international symposium arranged by the Finnish Society for
Eighteenth-Century Studies and the project ‘Connections, associations and
innovation: The case of the sea fortress Sveaborg, its foundation,
socio-economic impact and innovative role ca. 1730–1809’ (funded by the
Academy of Finland).

Helsinki, 3–4 October 2013 (House of Sciences and Letters)

The conference Militarizing the Civil Society – Civilizing the Military
Society focuses on the various aspects of interaction between the military and
civil society in the eighteenth century. Among other themes, it covers topics
such as:

the relations between armed forces and civilians in local communities;
the cultural history of garrisons and fortresses, including architectural
the military aspects of education and the educational functions of the military;
the development of medicine and public hygiene;
military and naval bases as centres of engineering and shipbuilding;
fleets and logistics; fortifications and hinterlands;
war economy and administrative reforms;
the perception of the soldier;
perceptions of honour;
violence and criminality, confrontations with the ‘other’;
war-related mobility and identity.

A particular, secondary theme that will be given attention is the Swedish
mid-eighteenth-century defence policy. Participants will have the opportunity to
visit the sea fortress of Sveaborg–Suomenlinna (UNESCO World Heritage Site).

Key note speakers: Professor Philippe Bragard (Université catholique de
Louvain), Docent Jyrki Paaskoski (University of Helsinki), Professor Maria
Sjöberg (University of Gothenburg).

Conference language: English.

Preliminary participation fee: none.

Paper proposals should be submitted to sampsa.hatakka at helsinki.fi by 30 April
2013, including name of participant, phone, and e-mail. The notices of
acceptance will be given by 31 May 2013.

Information about the Sveaborg research project
 Information about the Sveaborg fortress
 The Finnish Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies

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