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Museum & Society Journal
Call For Papers for a special issue of Museum & Societyjournal

Museum education today:
synergies and innovations in multicultural contexts

Guest editors Dr Stella Sylaiou & Dr Anastasia Filippoupoliti

We invite papers for a forthcoming special issue of Museums & Society which will
explore the current state in museum education theory and practice. Our rationale
begins with the motion that museums can engage new audiences, trigger aesthetic
sensitivities, exercise creativity and imagination. In today’s multicultural
societies, museums need to explore new synergies with educational institutions
and develop innovative means to address educational challenges in engaging ways.
In addition, information and communications technologies ICT) as a burgeoning
field of investigation provide to museums a plethora of tools to share resources
and communicate broadly to a wide range of users.

The purpose of this special issue is thus two-fold: (a) explore the synergies
developed by museums in order to address the impact of informal education in
multicultural contexts and (b) the ICT innovations imported in enhancing
learning in informal and non-formal contexts.

Themes may include -but are not limited- to the following

• Museum education in multicultural contexts: new research questions •
Community outreach and museum education • Engaging immigrants through museum
education: emerging case studies • Museums and schools: towards the
re-definition of a creative synergy • Learning by doing through the use of
interactive activities • Experiential-based learning and museum education

• ICT and personalized museum education
• Mobile experiences and museum education • Gamification and museum
education • Crowdsourcing and museum education • Virtual and augmented
reality and museum education

Send your abstract of
300 words along with a brief CV in both guest editors:
Dr Stella Sylaiou (ssylaiou at yahoo.gr) and Dr Anastasia Filippoupoliti
(afilipp at yahoo.gr) 

Deadline for abstracts: May 31st, 2013. All accepted abstracts will undergo a
double peer-review process.  The issue is scheduled for publication in November
2014.  For more information, feel free to contact the guest editors.

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