[H-verkko] CFP: “Landscape, Environment, Emotion” NIES Research Symposium VIII University of Turku, Pori, Finland 25-27 September 2013

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“Landscape, Environment, Emotion” NIES Research Symposium VIII University of
Turku, Pori, Finland 25-27 September 2013
NIES Research Symposium VIII, "Landscape, Environment, Emotion" at the Pori
campus of the University of Turku, Finland, 25-27 September 2013. The symposium
is being organized by the Nordic Network for Interdisciplinary Environmental
Studies (NIES) in partnership with the universities of Turku, Tampere and Oulu. 

The deadline for paper proposals is 1 May 2013.  For more information please
see the attached call. For questions regarding submissions please contact
Professor Maunu Häyrynen, mauhay at utu.fi .

Information in detail:


The role of emotion and affect in shaping human relationships with landscape and
environment has attracted a growing interest among the scholars working in
humanities and social sciences. This interest reflects concerns with the
changing human-nature relationships in modern industrialized societies, ranging
from utilitarian views of nature as a standing reserve of resources all the way
to culturally laden emotional and symbolic values conditioning human life and
cultural identity. Different valuations of nature are often contradictory and
lead to contestation over the meanings of landscape and environment. Overall the
global growth of awareness of environmental problems has given a significant
impetus to manifold politicizations of environment, and emotion has played an
important role in such processes. It is therefore of great importance to study
the 1) entanglement and hybridity of culture (society) and nature (environment);
2) the ways in which emotion relates to landscape and the politicization of
environment; and 3) how to overcome constantly re-created boundaries between
culture and nature in environmental thinking, research and policy. These topics
have been covered from different angles in the previous symposia organized by
the Nordic Network for Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies (NIES) and the
focus of the next in the series will be on the correlations of emotion, politics
and landscape.



To tackle these questions a symposium on the theme “Landscape, environment,
emotion” will be held at Pori on 25-27 September 2013. Keynote speakers will
include Christine Boyer, Hayden Lorimer, Sirpa Tani and Kirsi Saarikangas. We
are keen to receive contributions from researchers (including PhD candidates)
from different fields of research, based not only in Finland but in the other
Nordic countries as well. The symposium will provide a forum for exchange and
interaction for interdisciplinary environmental studies that seek inroads into
the complex intertwinements of culture, nature, society, and the environment.
There is already considerable research activity addressing these issues in the
Nordic countries and beyond. With this symposium we hope to increase the
visibility of this diverse body of research among the practitioners involved and
more broadly within the scientific community.


We are particularly interested in papers that provide conceptual innovations and
methodological advances into the relationships between landscapes and emotion,
the related processes of politicizing the environment, culture/nature dualism,
as well as issues of place and memory and other pertinent topics. We also
welcome papers that can showcase the analytical potential of new
interdisciplinary approaches to these topics.



You are invited to submit your abstract (no more than 250 words) and a short CV
to Maunu Häyrynen, mauhay at utu.fi, no later than 1 May 2013. The working
language of the symposium will be English. Questions concerning the symposium
program should be directed to Professor Häyrynen. You will be notified
concerning the status of your proposal by the end of May 2013.



The deadline for submission of preliminary drafts of accepted papers for
circulation among the symposium participants is 1 September 2013. A selection of
papers from the symposium will be considered for publication by an international
publisher. Papers selected for eventual publication are expected to be 5000-7000
words in length; drafts circulated to participants in advance of the symposium
are expected to be minimally two-thirds this publishable length.



The symposium “Landscape, environment, emotion” is organized by the Nordic
Network for Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies (NIES) in cooperation with
the Degree Program in Cultural Production and Landscape Studies at the
University of Turku, the School of Management at the University of Tampere, and
the Department of Geography at the University of Oulu. Broader questions
concerning NIES can be directed to Steven Hartman, hartman at kth.se.

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