[H-verkko] CFP: Register II: Emergence, Change and Obsolescence. An international colloquium on meaning and human expression

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Register II: Emergence, Change and Obsolescence. An international colloquium on
meaning and human expression
Call for Papers
 Register II:  Emergence, Change and Obsolescence
 An international colloquium on meaning and human expression
 22nd-24th May 2013, Helsinki, Finland
 'Register' originated as a term in linguistics for contextual  
 variation in language, or language as it is used in a particular  
 communicative situation.  This term and concept has become important  
 for addressing communication through practice in several intersecting  
 disciplines, such as folkloristics, linguistics and linguistic  
 anthropology, being used with varying fields of inclusion and  
 exclusion, ranging from the purely verbal level of communication to  
 all features which have the capacity to signify (props, gestures,  
 etc.). The Helsinki Register colloquia have been organized to bring  
 together representatives of diverse perspectives in order to open  
 cross-disciplinary discussion of the term and concept ?register?.
 Register II sets out to explore interfaces of social, societal and  
 semiotic processes that a) give rise to registers as meaningful  
 constellations of communicative features; b) affect existing registers  
 and their constituent features; and c) lead registers to become  
 obsolete for certain functions or to drop out of use.  We invite  
 presentations on both synchronically oriented research and on  
 long-term historical perspectives; on rapidly developing or  
 short-lived registers (e.g. school-yard slang, "facebookese") as well  
 as on registers characterized by social stability and slow-changing  
 structures (e.g. "Biblical" language, oral epic singing).  We hope  
 that diverse presentations from different disciplinary perspectives on  
 the life of registers as social practice will prove reciprocally  
 informative and produce new insights and understandings.
 Keynote speakers:
 - Douglas Biber, Regents? Professor of Applied Linguistics, Northern  
 Arizona University, USA
 - Charles Briggs, Alan Dundes Distinguished Professor of Folklore and  
 Professor of Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley, USA
 - Ruqaiya Hasan, Emeritus Professor of Linguistics, Macquarie  
 University, Australia
 - Timo Kaartinen, Adjunct Professor of Social and Cultural  
 Anthropology, University of Helsinki, Finland
 - Lars Boje Mortensen, Professor of Cultural History of Antiquity and  
 the Middle Ages, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark
 If you would like to take part in this event by presenting a paper,  
 please send an abstracts of no more than 500 words to Ulla Savolainen  
 (ulla.savolainen[a]helsinki.fi) by Friday, 30th November 2012.
 Papers presentations should be twenty minutes in length allowing ten  
 minutes for discussion and accessible to participants from other  
 fields for cross-disciplinary discussion.  If you would like to  
 participate without presenting a paper, please let us know by March  
 15th, and also whether you would be interested in moderating a  
 session. A participation fee of 50€ covers lunches and receptions.
 - Folklore Studies of the University of Helsinki
 - The research project Oral and Literary Culture in the Medieval and  
 Early Modern Baltic Sea Region of the Finnish Literature Society
 For more information, please visit our website at:

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