[H-verkko] Helsinki, HCAS symposium: Past and Present in Medieval Chronicles

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HCAS symposium: Past and Present in Medieval Chronicles

Helsinki, Fabianinkatu 24
24.1.2013 klo 10:00 – 25.1.2013 klo 18:00

NB!  The symposium is free of charge, but because of the limited number of
seats available, registration is required for the symposium. Please register for
the symposium at: https://elomake.helsinki.fi/lomakkeet/36692/lomake.html

The Conference offers a historiographical approach to the genre of medieval
chronicles with wide interdisciplinary approach. The participants include
experts of Byzantine, Russian and Western European chronicle studies, which is
essential in the understanding of the wider context of the ways the medieval
people saw their place in history. The emphasis is in the way which the
chronicles view time and the part that human beings play in it. Most of the
papers will deal with medieval sources, but there will also be pre- and
post-medieval approaches to the chronicle, a genre with long roots and
appearances past its bloom.

Further information:www.helsinki.fi/collegium/events/chronicles/index.html

Tiedustelut: Mari Isoaho (mari.isoaho at helsinki.fi), puhelin 09-191 23443
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