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The Tenth Nordic Conference in Gender history
Norja 08.08.2012  - 12.08.2012 

The Tenth Nordic Conference in Gender history
Bergen, 8.-12. August 2012

Call for papers and sessions

The Tenth Nordic Conference in Gender History will take place in
Bergen, Norway, 8-12. August 2012. The organizing committee hereby
invites you to propose papers and sessions for the conference. 

Research in gender history has had a tremendous growth since the
first Nordic conference was arranged at Lysebu in 1983. This is
reflected in the main themes we suggest for the tenth (a jubilee!)
conference. We hope all interested researchers will find topics of
interest in the main themes, but we will also welcome suggestions
from for those of you who want to arrange sessions or give papers on
themes not suggested in this call. The main themes will be treated
both in plenary and parallel sessions, panels and roundtables,
depending on the number of papers and how they fit thematically.  It
is possible to organize other sessions, panels or roundtables on
suggested themes by the conference participants.

The organizing committee suggests the following three main themes for
the conference: 

1.	The biological turn – a challenge for gender history?
2.	Historiography and comparative gender history
3.	Gender, religion and multicultural society

Some suggestions for topics and perspectives on these main themes

Theme 1:
1a: The impact of the biological turn on the meanings of social
1b: The history of biology as science and human perception
1c:  Masculinities -  femininities -  sexualities ; biological and
social understandings of varying gender identities
1d: Concepts of the body over time and space
1e: Biological arguments for gender roles and gender power

Theme 2: 
2a: Local, global, glocal: How to compare similar themes in different
2b: Methodological diversity – path dependencies: Nordic gender
historiography since 1970
2c: Nordic comparisons in gender history: national research paths,
common projects, specialities and collaboration
2d: How can we further develop the Nordic gender research community?
2e: Interdisciplinary comparisons
2f: Time, space and scope – from structural analysis of the anonymous
masses to individualistic life writing?
2g: Longitudinal comparisons – construction of meaning in time and

Theme 3: 
3a: Islamic feminism
3b: Feminism, aid and missions
3c: What is feminism outside of the Nordic countries?
3d: Transnational feminist movements
3e: War, peace and gender

Suggestions for papers and/or sessions should be mailed by December
1,  2011 to 
elisabeth.haavet at ahkr.uib.no and 
dunja.blazevic at ahkr.uib.no 

The suggested papers/sessions should include an abstract about one
page long. The abstract should include names of the presenter(s)/the
organisator(s), the main themes of the paper/session and which of the
main conference themes it could be placed under. Deadline for
abstracts is 01.05.2012. Deadline for complete papers is 01.06.2012.

For the organising committee,

Inger Elisabeth Haavet and Dunja Blazevic
Institute of Archaeology, History, Culture and Religion
Bergen University

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