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New aspects on the dress in the past
Oulu 25.04.2012  - 28.04.2012 

Session: New aspects on the dress in the past 
Conference: The Nordic Theoretical Archaeology Group (NTAG)
University of Oulu, Oulu, Finland
25-28 April 2012

The session aims to seek new views on the research of dresses. Dress
has many important aspects in human life. It has both individual and
communal meaning both in everyday life and in feast. It is necessity
through the life but it is also present in burials. Who wears what
and why is depended on various pieces, which we would like to bring
out to discussion. One element of clothing are the concrete
artefacts, but beyond their physical appearance there are several
phenomena like norms, manners, politics and fashion, which all are
connected to the context. 

The organisers warmly welcome presentations from textile researchers,
archaeologists, historians and other researchers that work with
textiles or dressing artefacts. Papers are not geographically tight
and also time periods can vary.

Chairs: Sanna Lipkin & Tiina Kuokkanen, University of Oulu

The whole abstract and practical information about the conference:

NTAG is recurrent Scandinavian conference that focuses on debating
central theoretical questions and perspectives within archaeology.
The conference brings together archaeologists and archaeology
students in all branches of the discipline at Scandinavian
universities, museums and other institutions concerned with the study
of past to discuss old and new theoretical approaches.


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