[H-verkko] Helsinki, NordWel Seminar: The Historical Construction of Unemployment

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NordWel Seminar: The Historical Construction of Unemployment
Helsinki 07.06.2010 klo 14:00

'The Historical Construction of Unemployment'

University of Helsinki, Monday 7 June 2010, 14.15-16.30
Venue: The Swedish School of Social Science, Snellmaninkatu 12, 2nd
floor, room 209


NILS EDLING (Stockholm University): Making unemployment: statistics,
exchanges and
insurance 1880—1914

MIRJA ÖSTERBERG (University of Helsinki): Discussions of a shorter
workweek in a Nordic context. Ambitions in constructing a united 
Nordic labour market policy.

The seminar is organized by the Nordic Centre of Excellence: The
Nordic Welfare State –
Historical Foundations and Future Challenges, NORDWEL.
Www: http://blogs.helsinki.fi/nord-wel/



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