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Summer school in Research on Religion, Culture and Society in Europe

Religion and Modernity

Leuven, 23-31 August 2010

The societal and cultural significance of religion during the age
modernity has traditionally been portrayed in dichotomic and often
ambiguous ways. Proponents of the secularisation thesis argue that
the rapid economic, social, cultural and political transformations
that embodied modernity, linearly weakened the hold of religion on
society. This has led many scholars to underestimate or even ignore
the significance of religion as an explanatory factor in 19th and
20th century history.

The 2010 Summer School on Religion, Culture and Society in Europe
(1750-) offers its students a closer and refreshing look at the
complicated historical relationship between religion and modernity.
Participants will get a solid introduction to the very different
domains in which religion has influenced, (re)shaped and even
embodied the modernisation process, but also to the continuous
adaptation and transformation processes of the religious domain
itself, thus finding a clear contemporary reflection in Europe's
cultural identities.

This summer school ensures active involvement of the students by
means of a balanced programme of seminars, lectures and field trips.
Established researchers in the field develop specific topics and
cases, students have the possibility to present their own work and
discuss their ideas in a relaxed and open atmosphere and within a
multidisciplinary framework.

European and third country students will pay a fee of 200 €.
Ph.D-students and professionals will pay a fee of 400 €. 

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