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Is There a Nordic Version of Multiculturalism?

Is There a Nordic Version of Multiculturalism?

University of Turku
September 30-October 1, 2010

During the past several decades, the world’s advanced industrial
nations have been confronted by the need to find new strategies for
incorporating ethnic minorities into the mainstream of their
respective societies.  The major factor contributing to this
situation, shared by all of these nations, is the dramatic increase
in levels of immigration, while in some settings the presence of
indigenous peoples and ethnonational minorities has also played a
role.  It is within this context that multiculturalism emerged as a
new mode of incorporation, one that in various ways sought to both
valorise difference and at the same time foster societal integration.

Multiculturalism has proven to be both controversial and
misunderstood.  At the moment, some go so far as to claim that it has
been to large extent abandoned in settings where it once held sway,
either as official governmental policy or, more often, as a
generalized approach to integration that viewed diversity not as
something to be overcome, but as something to be defended.  However,
one thing is clear at the moment: there is little evidence that the
idea of diversity is being repudiated.  What makes matters more
complicated is the fact that multiculturalism comes in a number of
versions, reflecting the distinctive imprint of different societal
cultures and political systems.  It is with this in mind that this
conference is being convened, for its purpose is to raise the
question of whether there is a distinctive Nordic version of
multiculturalism, perhaps akin to the Nordic version of the welfare

The conference will include keynote addresses by the scholars who can
frame the topic of multiculturalism broadly. They are Peter Kivisto
(Univ. of Turku and Augsburg College), Ewa Morawska (Univ. of Essex),
Leena Huss (Univ. of Uppsala), Fakhra Salimi (MiRA, Oslo), Pasi
Saukkonen (Cupore, Helsinki) and Garbi Schmidt (National Centre for
Social Research, Copenhagen), who will contribute to the discussion
by focusing attention on international perspectives or the unique
cases of the four Nordic nations.  

Scholars working on research projects that are relevant to the theme
are encouraged to submit paper proposals for presentation and
discussion at a series of conference workshops.  This is a
multidisciplinary conference, and thus we encourage proposals from
fields such as history, sociology, social policy, education, and
cultural studies.  Proposals, which should include a paper title, a
brief abstract, and contact information, should be sent to Mari
Toivanen at the University of Turku, Department of Sociology, 20014
Turku, Finland by March 1, 2010 (email: marito at utu.fi).  Completed
manuscripts should be sent to Ms. Toivanen by August 10, 2010.  The
fee will be 70 €, which includes registration costs, two lunches, a
conference dinner, and conference materials. Information on
accommodation possibilities will be sent to the participants.      

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