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Sport and movement cultures - Copenhagen Summer School 2009
Tanska 17.08.2009  - 24.08.2009 

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First Announcement for 
Copenhagen Summer School 2009: Sport and movement cultures -
developments and practices in a globalised world

Historical, Sociological, Psychological and Pedagogical Approaches

International Summer School for Young Researchers – Course for PhD

Date: August 17-24th 2009
Place: Institute of Exercise and Sport Sciences, University of
Copenhagen, Denmark

Aims and Concept

Modern sport is both a product and a motor of globalisation; it has
developed into a worldwide institution which controls access and
rules, as well as messages and images. Sportification with its focus
on performance, competition and records has transformed traditional
movement cultures, but new global trends, such as ‘sport for health’
and ‘sport for all’, are contributing to a desportification of modern

The aim of this Summer School is to reconstruct the emergence of
various concepts of physical activity in the Western world and their
struggle for dominance in the social field of sport. Emphasis will be
laid on the causes and effects of global sport, among others the
adaptation of movement cultures to sporting principles, as well as
inclusion and exclusion processes which disadvantage or privilege
people depending on their social and ethnic backgrounds and the
resources of their respective countries. A major focus of the Summer
School will be on the impact of globalisation on various areas, for
example physical education, sport business, media sport, bodily
performance or sport-related migration. Global health, body and
beauty ideals and practices constitute a further issue of debate,
which will include the discourses and policies pursued in various
countries. As global processes always have to be embedded in a local
context, “glocalisation”, the transformation of global developments
to suit the local environment, will be one of the Summer School

In the discussion of global sport one has also to take the roles and
reactions of individuals into consideration. How does global media
sport influence motivation and sports participation among children,
adolescents and adults and among women and men? We will explore how
the different movement cultures (and sub-cultures) provide certain
images and how these are used for enactments and become part of

The Summer School, which addresses PhD students and young
researchers, offers the opportunity of acquiring knowledge about the
state of the art in the area of theories and methods, and the
opportunity of presenting research, of discussing problems, of
obtaining advice from experts and of building up a network. The
involvement of internationally renowned experts will guarantee that
knowledge and advice, as well as the evaluation of students’ papers.
will contribute decisively to research of high quality and

In keynote lectures the experts will address important questions, new
approaches and results, problems and strategies of research, current
trends and major issues in the area of sport and globalisation. The
students will have the opportunity of asking questions and discussing
with the experts. In addition, there will be workshops and panel

All students will have the opportunity to present a report of their
own projects. Papers with the main outlines of these projects must be
submitted before the Summer School begins. There will be an in-depth
discussion of each research project in working groups with other
students and with experts. In addition, the experts are available for
individual supervision.

Scholars of the Department of Exercise and Health Sciences 

Guest lecturers (to be confirmed)
Henning Eichberg, Denmark, University of Odense
Sigmund Loland, Norway, head of the Norwegian Sport University
Andrew Sparkes, UK, University of Exeter
Elizabeth Pike, UK, University of Chichester 
Gerald Gems, U.S., North Central College
and others

Selection of the students:
The Summer School will take place in collaboration with the
International Societies for Sport History, (ISHPES) and Sport
Sociology (ISSA) and the European Association of Sport Psychology

Participants will be selected according to the following criteria:
topic, state of research, quality of the project. Participants should
be young researchers (either planning a PhD, working on their PhD or
post docs). The participants may work in different disciplines from
pedagogy to history.

The number of participants will be between 20 and 25; it is aimed to
include students from as many countries as possible.

The participation in the Summer School is free. We have applied for
funding and may be able to provide free lunches. Travel and
accommodation has to be covered by the participants. There is the
opportunity to sleep in a youth hostel in the centre of Copenhagen.

Call for applications:
Please send a CV and an abstract of your PhD project to:
phdsummerschool at ifi.ku.dk
Deadline: May 15th 2009

Department of Exercise and Sport Sciences, University of Copenhagen
E-mail: phdsummerschool at ifi.ku.dk

Institute of Exercise and Sport Sciences, University of Copenhagen,
Denmark ( http://www.ifi.ku.dk/english/ )

Department of Exercise and Sport Sciences, University of Copenhagen
<phdsummerschool at ifi.ku.dk> 

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