[H-verkko] CFP: Life course and gender in history of adult education and training

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Life course and gender in history of adult education and training

The next seminar of the revised ESREA Network on History of Adult
Education and Training in Europe will be organized in University of
Turku 8.-9.6.2009, in connection to the conference of Finnish History
of Education network.

Institutionalization, social movements and nation building are
crucial topics in historical research on adult education and
training. The seminar aims at extending research questions and
discussion towards experiences and meanings of adult education and
training among different kinds of learners, in different historical
and geographical contexts. These may have changed during people’s
life course and according to their gender and social positioning.
Although documents and other sources from ordinary people’s lives are
scarce all over Europe, at least until the 20th century, there may be
ways of combining findings and sources from different fields of
history, beside educational also from social, economical and idea
history, from anthropological and folkloristic studies. The
organizers invite researchers to give presentations and discuss about
their topics, findings and approaches to the seminar theme. Doctoral
students are especially welcome.

The organising group of the seminar is Francoise Laot (Paris), Kirsi
Ahonen (Tampere), Anja Heikkinen (Tampere), Annukka Jauhiainen
(Turku). Abstracts with authors name and affiliation, title and max
400 words, should be sent to the address f.laot(at)paris5.sorbonne.fr
by 1.3.2009. More detailed information about the seminar – fees,
travel and accommodation - will appear soon on the websites of ESREA
(http://www.esrea.org) and the Finnish History of Education network
(http://www.kasvatus.net/) Information about Turku and University of
Turku can be found on website http://www.utu.fi.

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