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Human faces of power, Turku 10-12 Sept 2009

Human Faces of Power
X Conference in Methodologies and Theories in History
University of Turku, 10th-12th of September 2009


Power is a complex and multidimensional phenomenon that goes beyond
overt and institutionalized frameworks and encompasses the individual
conduct of negotiations and disputes. Informal and invisible power
structures are of the utmost importance in maintaining, transforming
and challenging formally recognized power relations.

The Conference Human Faces of Power, to be held at the University of
Turku, Finland, will focus on the ubiquitous power relations that are
not merely institutionalized forms of communication, but which inform
and are manifested in everyday contacts between individuals, groups
and organizations. In analyzing these contacts it is essential to
recognize a diverse range of micro-strategies for empowerment and

The organizers of the conference Human Faces of Power welcome
scholars to explore theoretical and methodological aspects of power
relations within a historical perspective. The Conference will be
tenth in the series of methodological conferences, organized by the
School of History and the Department of Contemporary History at the
University of Turku, Finland.

Guideline for session organizers

The three-day conference will consist of lectures by keynote speakers
(to be announced) and thematic sessions in which individual papers
will be presented and discussed. Sessions are organized in time slots
of max. 105 minutes; in each time slot up to four papers may be
presented. The conference will be conducted in English.

Scholars wishing to propose a session are asked to send an abstract
in English, not exceeding 400 words. The abstract should include the
title of the session, a summary of its relevance to the main theme of
the conference, the names of the organizer(s) and the chair (if
known). Suggestions for papers and discussants are also welcomed.
Proposals should be sent by 15 September 2008 to the e-mail address
or postal address given above. In October 2008, the organizing
committee will announce the themed sessions and call for individual
papers for inclusion in these sessions.

Proposals are invited for sessions which disclose the diversity of
micro-level power strategies and actions, exemplified in, but not
necessarily confined to, the themes listed below. Proposed sessions
can focus, for example, on the following themes:

    * Gendered exercise of power
    * Consumer culture
    * Power in media culture
    * Micro-economy
    * Lobbying and activism
    * Citizens and power from democracy to totalitarianism
    * Lived environment and planning
    * Subversive use of rhetoric and symbols of power
    * Power of science
    * Ethnic relations
    * Historical knowledge and power

Contact information
    histconf [at] utu.fi

postal address:
    Turku X methodological conference / Cultural History
    School of History
    Sirkkala Building

More information about the conference is available at

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