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Consumption, power and culture in the early modern Atlantic world

Consumption, power and culture in the early modern Atlantic world

Åbo June 4th-5th

Call for papers

The research program Consumption, Identity, and Networks During and
After the Age of the Slave Trade (CINDAST) at the Department of
History at Åbo Akademi University solicits papers for a workshop
entitled Consumption, power and culture in the early modern Atlantic


Professor Linda Heywood, Boston University
Professor Rita Pemberton, University of West Indies
Professor David Richardson, University of Hull
Professor Carole Shammas, University of Southern California
Professor John Thornton, Boston University

In the last two decades consumption has figured as the theme and
framework of a wide range of historical research. The notion of the
seventeenth century as a time when the consumer society was born has
profoundly influenced the scholarship of that period and, according
to some observers, replaced the industrial revolution as a
meta-narrative. Without overlooking the production aspect in the
history of “goods” – the histories of production and consumption are
closely interlinked – consumption can be connected to a wide variety
of themes ranging from the material history of everyday life to
questions concerning colonialism, globalization, gender, class,
identity, creolization and hybridization.

Possible topics include

* Networks of production and consumption
* Changing commodity chains
* Consumption of goods in the shaping of ideas of identity 
* Cultural and gendered aspects of consumption
* Urban consumption and the built environment
* Consumption as an aspect of creolization

The workshop offers both doctoral students and established
researchers a platform to present and discuss their research. Papers
that pick up on some of the themes above are especially welcome. Out
of the 30 minutes reserved for each presentation 20 minutes should be
devoted to the presentation proper. The presentation will then be
followed by a 10 minute discussion.  

Please send your proposal for individual presentations or for entire
sessions (including 3–4 presentations) to Laura Hollsten at
laura.hollsten at abo.fi. Make sure to enclose contact details and a
500-word abstract of your talk. The deadline for submissions is 15
February 2009. 

Further information will appear on the workshop homepage:

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