[Gross] gross logging question

Eino Tuominen eino at utu.fi
Wed Nov 19 08:28:42 EET 2008

Jesse Thompson wrote:
> Well, the stat_type and stat_interval options have nothing to do with
> the log verbosity.
> The default logging level is the least verbose, so IIRC the only way to
> avoid getting those logs in the default logging is to modify the code
> before compiling.  i.e. change those log command from LOG_INFO to
> LOG_DEBUG.  This should be easy for you to do, even if you aren't a coder.
> Without thinking about it in depth, I can't think why those two log
> entries really need to be in the default logging level.  Perhaps it's
> intentional, or it could be a regression.
> Eino probably has more to say about this.

Yes, there indeed are some log entries still using wrong log levels. 
Those should be using LOG_DEBUG instead of LOG_INFO.

   Eino Tuominen

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