[Gross] gross logging question

Jesse Thompson jesse.thompson at doit.wisc.edu
Tue Nov 18 23:07:16 EET 2008

Well, the stat_type and stat_interval options have nothing to do with
the log verbosity.

The default logging level is the least verbose, so IIRC the only way to
avoid getting those logs in the default logging is to modify the code
before compiling.  i.e. change those log command from LOG_INFO to
LOG_DEBUG.  This should be easy for you to do, even if you aren't a coder.

Without thinking about it in depth, I can't think why those two log
entries really need to be in the default logging level.  Perhaps it's
intentional, or it could be a regression.

Eino probably has more to say about this.


Justin Piszcz wrote:
> In my grossd.conf:
> # EXAMPLE: stat_type = status
> # EXAMPLE: stat_type = delay
> stat_type = none
> # 'stat_interval' is the number of seconds between status log entries
> # DEFAULT: stat_interval = 3600
> stat_interval = 0
> ------
> However, in the postfix logs, I am still seeing this:
> Nov 14 13:52:52 l1 grossd: #4296a950: received rotate command
> Nov 14 13:52:52 l1 grossd: #46171950: rotate thread starting
> -------
> I want to see what gross's actions are but I do not wish to see it 
> rotating etc, how do I disable that?
> Justin.
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