[Gross] High CPU load on small system.

Arnis Juraga Arnis.Juraga at biti.lv
Fri Jun 27 09:57:51 EEST 2008


I have installed Gross on test server, using sendmail, clamav and 
spamassassin, pop3 and imap. Gross is working fine, but I have permanent 
CPU load ~60-80 %by grossd.
This is not an high performance server (Pentium 4, 1.7GHz), mail 
statistics on that server is about 10 messages PER MINUTE.

I have 1GB ram, (which is fully used, so). Grosss -d shows no errors, i 
have limited
pool_maxthreads =10
number_buffers = 4

but nothing changed.

What can i do to trace or resolve problem?


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