[Gross] hermes.sun.com

Eino Tuominen eino at utu.fi
Wed Jun 11 10:07:11 EEST 2008

Jesse Thompson wrote:
> I don't want to greylist legitimate senders.  Ideally, Sun should get
> themselves off of blacklists if they expect mail to flow efficiently to
> everyone (we're very conservative compared to others.)  Their
> narcissistic process of making customers manually whitelist their
> servers is wasting more resources than whatever resources would be spent
> by Sun retrying on 4xx.

Not to mention their implementation of SMTP sending out these 
newsletters is grossly (sic) violating the RFC: Sending Strategy
    while mail that cannot be transmitted immediately MUST be
    queued and periodically retried by the sender. ...

   Eino Tuominen

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