[Gross] Gross 0.9.3

Eino Tuominen eino at utu.fi
Thu Apr 17 23:06:53 EEST 2008


I just uploaded release 0.9.3 to the Google project site. It features 
new log format, and pidfile creation. I think it's now even closer to 
1.0. I'm running this version here now, and haven't seen any problems 
with it. Standard disclaimers apply... ;-)

Here is the NEWS entry:

Version 0.9.3

* HELOified all the rest of the code. There are still no checks
   that use helo info, but now grossd logs it and also gclient
   can send it to the server. Check INSTALL details about
   configuring SJSMS to send helo string over to grossd.
* New logfile format! An example log line:

   Thu Apr 17 14:50:05 2008 #8505600: a=greylist d=3 w=5 c=
   s=sender r=recipient h=utu.fi m=cbl.abuseat.org+1 m=bl.spamcop.net+2
   m=combined.njabl.org+1 m=dnsbl.sorbs.net+1

   a = action
   d = delay
   w = total weight
   c = client ip
   s = sender
   r = recipient
   h = helo/ehlo
   m = matched check with possible weight

- A few important bug fixes to milter server
- behaviour change: grossd now exits after creating the
   statefile when invoked with -C command line option. This
   makes life easier for package maintainers in the future.
- Implemented pidfile creation and checking. New config option
   'pidfile' controls the behaviour. Setting the option will make
   grossd to write the process pid into the file specified by the
   full path. An optional parameter 'check' can be set to keep
   grossd from starting if the pidfile already exists.

   pidfile = /full/path[;check]

   Another way to control this is by command line options -p and -P.
   Both of the options will enable pidfile creation, and -P will
   check the existence of the file.

Issues fixed:
#58: grossd should write a pid file after daemonizing (RFE)

   Eino Tuominen

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