[Gross] Gross milter Sendmail

Eino Tuominen eino at utu.fi
Tue Apr 15 14:56:39 EEST 2008

Dejan Krnjevic wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to install Gross with Sendmail milter. Does anyone knows 
> what’s sintax for milter sock in sendmail.mc file?
> I have searched trough readmes and didn’t find any tip about it.

Try adding this in sendmail.mc:

INPUT_MAIL_FILTER(`Gross', `S=inet:5523 at localhost, T=R:20s')

And of course in grossd.conf:

protocol = milter
milter_listen = inet:1234 at localhost

Remember, the milter code in grossd has not been tested in a large 

   Eino Tuominen

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