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Aikataulumuutos 11.2. TTY:n semmassa.

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Subject: SLIGHT CHANGE OF TIME - temporary uses, adaptive urbanism, urban futures - research seminar Wed 11.2.

Dear all,
we have to slightly change the schedule of 11.2. research seminar, to allow enough time for professor Lea Laursen.

New timing in two phases:

discussion 1  9.15-11.00
starting with Lea, then 2-3 TUT researchers and discussion about common research interests and possible projects

discussion 2  14.00-16.00 - Lea leaving at some point
starting with Tina, then TUT researchers - conclusion

16-17 some wine at the Department, free discussion

later Dinner in city

Sorry for the late change, due to my own mistake.
See you 11.2. I will reserve a room, to be informed later.


Panu Lehtovuori
Yhdyskuntasuunnittelun teorian professori
Tampereen teknillinen yliopisto
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panu.lehtovuori at tut.fi<mailto:panu.lehtovuori at tut.fi>
050-525 0252
Professor of Planning Theory
Tampere University of Technology
School of Architecture
panu.lehtovuori at tut.fi
+358-50-525 0252

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