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Aihe: Immigrants and Civil Society, NMR/ETMU Conference, 13-15 Aug. 2012, Turku - Program available


16th Nordic Migration Research Conference & 9th ETMU Days

13-15 August 2012

University of Turku, Finland (Educarium)

The full program for the 16th Nordic Migration Research Conference & 9th ETMU Days is now available online at http://www.etmu.fi/etmudays/nmrc2012/program.html.

The focus of much research of immigrants in the Nordic countries has been on the economic circumstances and state policies regarding migration and integration. Far less attention has been devoted to the role of the institutions of civil society in facilitating or impeding the incorporation of newcomers into Nordic societies. The theme of this conference is intended to be a response to that imbalance in research priorities.

Confirmed keynote speakers include:

* Professor Jeffrey Alexander, Yale University, USA
* Dr. Phillip Connor, Pew Research Institute, USA
* Professor Leo Lucassen, Leiden University, the Netherlands
* Professor Carl-Ulrik Schierup, Linköping University, Sweden
* Dr. Marja Tiilikainen, University of Helsinki, Finland
* Dr. Salla Tuori, Åbo Akademi University, Finland

Registration information:

Please register for the conference by filling out the registration form at http://congress.utu.fi/lomakkeet/nmrc2012.php. You may also book your hotel accommodation by using this form. For information about conference fees, please visit http://www.etmu.fi/etmudays/nmrc2012/fees.html.

For more information, please contact Johanna Leinonen at johlei[at]utu.fi<http://utu.fi>. For any questions regarding registration, payments, or accommodation, please contact the Congress Office at congress[at]utu.fi<http://utu.fi>.

Conference organizers and partners:

ALPO - Developing Integration in Finland (European Social Fund - Ministry of the Interior)

European Migration Network (Finland)

FiDiPro Project Multiculturalism as a New Pathway to Incorporation (University of Turku)

Institute of Migration (Turku)

Network for Research on Multiculturalism and Societal Interaction (MCNet, University of Turku)

Nordic Migration Research (NMR)

Post-Secular Culture and a Changing Religious Landscape (PCCR, Åbo Akademi)

Society for the Study of Ethnic Relations and International Migration (ETMU)

Johanna Leinonen, Ph.D.
Tutkijatohtori/Postdoctoral Researcher
Turku Institute for Advanced Studies
Kaivokatu 12
FI-20014 University of Turku, Finland
johlei at utu.fi<mailto:johlei at utu.fi>
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