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Building Nordic Cities with Children: Expertise and Experiences in Urban Space, ca 1950–2000
Call for Papers / Invitation to Workshop in Stockholm, May 8-9, 2023 (preliminary dates!)

Building Nordic Cities with Children: Expertise and Experiences in Urban Space, ca 1950–2000

We invite proposals of papers for a 2-day workshop that will be organised in Stockholm in April/May 2023. Our aim is to include a selection of the papers in a journal special issue, expected publication in 2024.

The second half of the 20th century saw many changes in cities due to modernist planning, the creation of welfare society, rapid motorization and new urban lifestyles. These transformations coincided with changes in children’s experiences and role in the society. Children were among the most vulnerable groups of urban societies and a key issue for example in traffic planning and social services. The particularities of Nordic welfare state models, including pronounced societal planning and for example a higher share of women in the work force, made children a topical concern in rapidly changing urban environments of the Nordics in this era. We want to posit the question, is there a “Nordic” approach to the planning, design and building of post-war cities with and for children?

With this Nordic dimension in mind, our aims are three-fold. Firstly, we focus on children’s experiences and capabilities in relation to urban space. In cities across the Nordic countries, the post-war period is marked by an expansion of specific, increasingly standardized spaces for children—day-care centres, playgrounds, pedestrian networks—as a result of norm-based welfare planning. Within this context, children’s needs and capabilities featured in multiple, sometimes contradictory ways. On the one hand, children were increasingly monitored and provided with safe, controlled environments. On the other hand, this period saw efforts aimed at supporting children’s capability, to maintain their independence and handle real-life complexities.

Secondly, we aim to further explore legacies of the built environment and past discourses on children’s experiences and practices. That material remnants of welfare planning ideologies as well as for example traffic planning solutions continue to shape present-day practices appears evident, but to what extent do enduring cultural expressions feature in our current value-systems around children and the city? Thirdly, we recognise the challenge to study children and their perspectives historically and aim at methodological discussion. To that end, we want to combine top-down approaches, looking into how experts provided for children, studies of mediators and spokespersons of children’s needs and capabilities, and research on children’s own practices and experiences.

The workshop and special issue builds on a panel organised in the EAUH-conference in Antwerp in September 2022. We now invite proposals of additional contributions that can usefully further the themes already present—changes in urban space related to children from the point of view of planning, discourses on children’s behaviour in urban space, and children’s practices, emotions and experiences—while complementing with others to add geographical width and comparative strength. We welcome case studies from cities in all Nordic countries; comparisons between approaches and developments in Nordic and non-Nordic contexts; and inquiries into the circulation of knowledge and expertise of relevance to children and urban space within and beyond the Nordics. Send your proposal with a max 250-word abstract and a short bio to Martin Emanuel (martinem at kth.se) and Tiina Männistö-Funk (tiiman at utu.fi) by November 30, 2022.


November 2022: Submission paper abstract

January 2023: Invitations to workshop

April 2023: Circulation of first draft papers (5000 words)

April/May 2023: Workshop

June 2023: Circulation of second draft papers (8000 words), internal submission prior to journal submission
Tiina Männistö-Funk
tiiman at utu.fi

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