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Crises conference, October 26.-27.2021, JYU

The Conference on Crises will be organized by the Crises Redefined profiling area at the University of Jyväskylä on 26–27 October 2021. Due to COVID-19, the conference will be a virtual event. The conference will consist of keynote speeches and panels.
More information on the conference is available.


Crisis is a central concept of modernity. Historically, it has had a wide range of various meanings and connotations. While ‘crisis’ has typically referred to various political events, conflicts, and states of emergency, its emphasis in contemporary discourse is predominantly on economic problems, natural disasters and catastrophes. Despite being, by definition, abnormal states or states of emergency, crises seem to have become embedded into the routine condition of life. The key aim of this conference is to understand various, competing definitions of crisis: how crises come about and how they evolve; how they are defined and understood; and how they relate to global, national, and local physical environments, as well as human action.

The conference invites individual paper and panel proposals that deal with crises both empirically and theoretically, and especially welcomes proposals focusing on

• Historical approaches to economic and societal crises, business failures and industry decline
• Political and politicized crises in historical and contemporary perspective
• Belonging, inclusion, exclusion and displacement: individual, social and cultural contexts of crises

The conference is multidisciplinary and accepts papers across a wide range of approaches and topics related to the concept of crisis. Papers can deal with both theory and practice and be problem-solving and/or critical in their orientation.

Paper proposals should include a 200-word abstract. The programme committee will select papers for presentation and form thematic panels.

Panel proposals should consist of 3-4 papers and a chair. The proposals should include a 200-word abstract of each paper. Papers that are part of a panel proposal do not have to be submitted individually.

The deadline for proposals is 31 May 2021. Information on the acceptance of panels and papers will be released by 20 June 2021.

Proposals should be submitted via e-mail to: tommi.kotonen at jyu.fi


Researchers and students can also attend the conference without a paper presentation. Registration for the conference will open in September 2021. Save the date and register via the conference website later.


Participation is free of charge.


For more on the conference, contact Research Coordinator Tommi Kotonen (tommi.kotonen at jyu.fi).

Organizer: Academy of Finland profiling are Crises Redefined: Historical Continuity and Societal Change
Tommi Kotonen
tommi.kotonen at jyu.fi

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