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The Finnish Seminar for Human Animal Studies 2019:  “Animals in the Everyday and the Celebration”
Submit a proposal for a paper in the Finnish Seminar for Human Animal Studies!

The seminar is organized on 8.-9.4.2019 at the House of Science and Letters in Helsinki with the theme “Animals in the Everyday and the Celebration” We welcome paper proposals from all fields Human Animal Studies. You can also suggest paper outside of the theme.

The theme encourages you to examine animals as part of the everyday life as well as celebration. We share our lives with different animals in our homes and in the workplace. We host pets as well as microbes. Animals are part of our lives in various animal products and foods, as well as symbols and actors in religion, literature, or cat videos online. Similarly, working and living with us is a part of everyday life for many animals. Animals are also an important part of our celebrations. We feast on animal foods and turn to animals for our pleasure and entertainment. Although pet birthdays have become a business, we rarely celebrate animals. And how do animals themselves celebrate?

Please send your proposal (max 300 words) by January 31. 2019. You can address your paper to the two Finnish language panels and three English language panels mentioned in the society's webpage (https://elaintutkimus.wordpress.com/call-for-papers-2019/). If so, send your proposal to panel chairs. If you wish to present a paper on a topic not discussed in these panels, you can send your proposal to ykes.cfp at gmail.com. The organizing committee puts together new panels from the accepted individual papers.

PhD, Professor of European and World History (University of Turku) Taina Syrjämaa: “Lemmikit juhlissa. Monilajisen perheen historiaa” (in Finnish)

D.Sos.Sc, Adjunct professor and Senior lecturer in Gender Studies, (University of Helsinki) Kuura Irni: “Queer visions of families and close relations with nonhuman animals”

PhD, Senior Lecturer in Management (Keele Management School) Lindsay Hamilton: ”The Animal Effect: How and Why Animals Matter in Organizations and Society”

Participation fee:
The Finnish Seminar for Human Animal Studies is free of charge for the members of the Finnish Society for Human Animal Studies. For others, the two-day seminar costs 25 € (10 € for masters students).

The Seminar is organized by the Finnish Society for Human Animal Studies.
Heta Lähdesmäki
hailah at utu.fi

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