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CfP: Research Data Ownership and Data Publication, 10-11.6.2019
Research Data Ownership and Data Publication
June 10th to 11th 2019
Villa Lante, Rome, Italy

The research project The Academic Institutes Open Research Data, funded by the
Finnish Ministry of Culture and Education, organizes a two day international workshop
and seminar at Villa Lante in June 10th and 11th, 2019.

The main theme around which the seminar program is constructed are the legal and licensing
issues related to opening research data for publication.
In relation to the participating institutes scientific activity, the main focus is on issues
related to research data from archaeological, historical, ethnographic and art historical
projects, but the related issues are of wider interest to the whole research community.

We have two confirmed speakers at the seminar:
Dr. Marjut Salokannel is a legal expert on immaterial rights and research data. Her
main expertise is related to data protection and privacy issues related to data transfers
in cross-border settings.
Director Heli Kautonen is an expert on digital library services, and has a long expertise
on as the head of digital library services at the National Library of Finland. She is currently
the director of the library of the Finnish Literature Society.

Other speakers to be announced later.

In addition to the speakers and invidual papers by participants, the seminar will include
detailed presentations of the pilots of the research project
(See http://irfrome.org/language/en/activities/research/the-academic-institutes-openresearchdata/
pilot-projects/). These pilots will be discussed through the themes of this

The program will take place at Villa Lante, the renaissance villa that is the operational
locus of the Finnish Institute in Rome, during two days in June, 2019.

CFP: how to participate?
We have room for individual participants, also for those wishing to give a presentation
on the theme of the seminar.We invite proposals on the theme "Research Data Ownership and Data Publication. Experiences, practices and legal requirements". Some specific questions that could be addressed include but are not limited to:
• Ownership of research data in history, archaeology and philology
• National legislation in international research projects
• Post-project ownership of research data
• Licensing research data for open distribution
• Unequal structures of power and ownership of one's work
• Who owns the data in (a/your) project – and on what grounds?

We also invite practical presentations focusing on experiences in data publication:
• How is/was your projects research data published?
• What kind of legal issues do/did you have to tackle?
• How do/did you solve issues relating to differing national legislation?
• Examples of how these issues should not be/have been solved.

Please submit your proposal via the submission form no later than April 12th 2019.
Please include your contact details and a short biographical blurp to your proposal.
The authors will be notified of the acceptance of their proposal by May 1st.

There will also be some room for non-presenting participants at the seminar. If you
wish to be registered for further information regarding the seminar, including news on
the opening of the registration, please submit you email address here.

We are looking into options of securing funding for supporting presenters' travel expenses,
but for the time being, be prepared to cover to costs by your own means.

For questions and further info, contact Harri Kiiskinen (kiiskinen[at]irfrome.org).
Further information on the seminar will appear on its web pages at:

More information on the venue:

The address of the submission form:
The address of the info email address list:
kiiskinen at irfrome.org

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