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Expertise and engagement - scholarship, personal experience and political


AGENDAS, TURKU   12.-13.9.2017


The Turku Institute for Advanced Studies (TIAS) invites proposals for papers and
panels for an interdisciplinary conference on expertise and engagement.

Academic expertise is simultaneously exploited and challenged in many areas of
society. What does it mean to be "an expert”? How do different kinds of public
arenas change the idea of expertise as an academic practice? How are affect,
experience, and presuppositions included in the practices of expertise? Is it
possible for a scholar to be an activist, or does public engagement affect the
academic’s scholarship and career? Can practices in academia support activism?
The aim of the conference is to discuss how to integrate personal experience and
social or political activism with scholarly work.

 The conference on expertise and engagement consists of three thematic streams.
We invite scholars at various career stages across different disciplines to
address the following issues:


• Activism: The first stream considers the role of activism within scholarly
work. How can an activist agenda be combined with research? When and how are
scholarly and activist goals in conflict? Can political engagement enhance the
scholarly value of research?


 • Experience: The second stream examines the role of experience in scholarly
work. How can or should a scholar bring his or her personal experience to bear
in research? Are there discipline-specific ways of handling the researcher’s
own involvement in his or her subject matter?


• Media: The third stream explores how issues of media, power, and expertise
play out in public. How does an expert use power, and how is academic expertise
exploited by political or other authorities? What role does the discourse of
expertise play in everyday media culture, and in what way is the position of an
expert saturated with authority?


The seminar will include a keynote lecture by Charles R. Hale from the
University of Texas at Austin
https://liberalarts.utexas.edu/aads/faculty/halecr), known for his work on race
and ethnicity, identity politics, consciousness and resistance.


The Plenary speakers are:


•                         Elisa Aaltola, (University
of Eastern Finland)

•                         Markus Jäntti (University
of Helsinki)

•                         Suvi Keskinen (University of


Proposals for panels or individual 20 minute papers should be sent to
TIASconference2017 at utu.fi no later than August 10, 2017. The proposal should
include a title and a brief description (up to 200 words for individual papers
or 500 words for panels). A panel may consist of three to four individual papers
or a roundtable discussion. Panel proposals should include a rationale for the
panel as a whole. When proposing a roundtable, please give a brief account of
the panelists' background as it bears on the topic. Please indicate which stream
you think your proposal fits best.


For more information TIAS coordinator Silja Laine silaine at utu.fi.


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Office: Sirkkala, 3rd floor, room 306

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