[H-verkko] CFP: Call for Contributions: Lived Religion and Everyday Life through Early Modern Hagiographic Material

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Call for Contributions: Lived Religion and Everyday Life through Early Modern
Hagiographic Material
Call for contributions ends: February 28th, 2017
Workshop: May 2018
Final submission of articles: Autumn 2018

Studies on medieval social and cultural history have already for several decades
demonstrated the rich possibilities hagiographic material can offer the
historian interested in everyday life, lived religion and society. Since the
late fifteenth century, this material has experienced an unprecedented growth in
volume. Nevertheless, there is still a great need for studies on lived religion
and everyday life portrayed through early modern catholic hagiographic material.

To address this need, we invite abstracts for contributions on the subject from
scholars working with early modern (ca. 15th–18th centuries) hagiographic
material, such as beatification and canonisation processes, other miracle
accounts, art, vitae, and other spiritual (auto)biographies. The aim is to
produce a high-quality collection of articles, which offers cutting-edge and
fruitful insights into early modern social and cultural history, using
hagiographic texts and art as sources. We especially welcome contributions,
which have a sensitive approach to gender, age, health and social status.

The deadline for submitting abstracts is the end of February 2017. Twelve most
promising abstracts will be selected. If funding can be secured, the article
drafts will be discussed in May 2018 in a workshop organised at the Finnish
Institute in Rome (Villa Lante). The collection of articles will be submitted to
an international publisher following the peer-review process soon after the
meeting, in autumn 2018.

Suitable article topics for the collection will include, but are not limited to:

family and household, gender roles
health, body, dis/ability, illness, and cure
death and salvation
religious practices and materiality of religion
identity and community

Please send an abstract of no more than 300 words for an English article and a
short biography including name, affiliation and the most important publications,
to earlymodernhagiography at gmail.com by Tuesday February 28th, 2017. 


Jenni Kuuliala / jenni.kuuliala at uta.fi
PhD, Postdoctoral Researcher (Academy of Finland)
University of Tampere

Päivi Räisänen-Schröder / paivi.raisanen at helsinki.fi
PhD, Postdoctoral Researcher (Academy of Finland)
University of Helsinki

Rose-Marie Peake / rosemarie.peake at gmail.com
PhD, Postdoctoral Researcher
University of Helsinki

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