[H-verkko] CFP: Dictators and Degenerates: Modernism, Fascism and the Pursuit of Culture

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Dictators and Degenerates: Modernism, Fascism and the Pursuit of Culture
Dictators and Degenerates: Modernism, Fascism and the Pursuit of Culture

School  of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics,
University College Dublin, Ireland. 

Event: 15-16 September 2017
Abstract due date: 1 March 2017
Keynote Speaker: Prof. Sascha Bru (Dept. of Literary Theory & Cultural Studies,
KU Leuven)
This conference explores the interstices between fascism and the avant-gardes in
Europe and beyond through the lens of cultural production. The relationship
between avant-garde movements and authoritarian regimes is a multi-faceted one.
On the one hand, it is often considered as a clash of ideologies, characterised
by events such as the Nazi book burnings of 1933 and the Degenerate Art
Exhibition (1937) or the unveiling of Picasso’s harrowing anti-war painting,
Guernica (1937). However, on the other hand, the nature of the relationship
between Futurism and Mussolini’s regime in Italy cannot be so clearly
delineated and is still contested. We welcome papers that examine the
interaction between avant-garde movements and authoritarian regimes in Europe,
including Russia, during the period 1922-1975. Cultural production may include
poetry, prose, painting, sculpture, film, theatre, architecture, and
photography. Through this focus on cultural production, we aim to highlight the
significant role that culture plays in the development of societal power

Contributions are invited from across the disciplines of Modern Languages,
History, Art History and Architecture, Film, and Drama. We particularly welcome
contributions in the following areas:

·     Close textual/visual analysis of avant-garde cultural production
created under fascist regimes, both in support and in opposition to them;

·     Analyses of individual members of avant-garde movements that
exemplify the tensions/links between modernism and fascism;

·     Theoretical approaches to modernist and fascist ideologies;

·     Personality cults and the avant-gardes;

·     Avant-garde group dynamics under fascist regimes;

·     Avant-garde artists and writers in exile from fascist regimes;

·     Analyses of the lasting impact and legacies of fascism on modernist
cultural production.

 Abstracts of 200-250 words, with a short bio (max. 200 words) should be sent
by email to: dictators.degenerates at gmail.com by March 1st, 2017

The conference is supported by funding from the UCD School of Languages,
Cultures, and Linguistics and Seed Funding from the UCD College of Arts and

The conference organizers are: Dr Selena Daly (Italian Studies), Dr Tara
Plunkett (Spanish Studies), and Dr Gillian Pye (German Studies).  

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