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Transcultural Encounters 2: Understanding Humans in Change
The second Transcultural Encounters Conference will take place at the University
of Oulu in June 8th–9th, 2017. The theme of the conference is Understanding
Humans in Change. This is one of the focus areas of research at the University
of Oulu. This conference is organized by the TCERC, Transcultural Encounters
Research Center.

The conference focus area, Understanding Humans in Change explores the complex
dynamics of the global, digital, environmental and economic change on current
human interaction and on communities and cultures over time. The research
identifies and explains the reasons, processes and practices involved in these
changes, shows how humans adapt to them, and predicts the effects they will have
on humanity in the future.

The conference seeks to gather researchers from different disciplines to discuss
topics and aspects of the various processes of change which concern humanity. It
discusses the wide field of meanings and applications of change in the
humanities, including social sciences and various interdisciplinary fields. The
conference focuses on questions which are of interest e.g. for historians,
cultural researchers, and cultural geographers, as well as for researchers of
sociolinguistics (e.g. language contacts and minority languages), literary
scholars and social scientists.

Topics and keywords for submissions may include some of the following (not

Distance: are mental, cultural or physical distances a challenge or a backup?
Borders: changing dynamics of borders and margins, center and periphery, or
coastal and inland environments
The Arctic: negotiating the aspects of the arctic region in change
Glocal: global trends and local implementations in human encounters
Representations: representations and interpretations of change(s) in the
conceptions and images of culture, nature and environment
Methodologies: new approaches and challenges of changing disciplines and
disciplinary relations and methodologies in the research of transcultural

We invite all who are interested to submit abstracts (maximum 300 words) by
February 28th, 2017. Accepted proposals will be announced by the end of March,
and the preliminary schedule of the conference and practical instructions will
be sent to participants in end of April. The participation fee of the conference
is 80€. The working languages are English and Finnish. An academic compilation
based on the conference presentations is being planned.

Please address presentation proposals by February 28th, 2017 as an attached .pdf
to kari.alenius at oulu.fi.

For inquiries please use the same address or see the home page of the TCERC in

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