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Aboagora - between arts and sciences: "Fate – Urðr"

Turku, Piispankatu 17
15.6.2016 – 17.6.2016

"Fate – Urðr"
June 15–17th 2016, Sibelius Museum, Turku, Finland
Registration until May 15th
Aboagora Symposium 2016, "Fate", will be held in Sibelius-museum, June 15-17 and
discusses the multiple understandings of fate.
In Old Norse mythology the characters called Norns rule the destinies of both
gods and humans. The eldest of these Norns is Urðr, the Norn of fate. In Norse
mythology, humans were created as incomplete and without fate. It was only the
actions of the Norns that gave humans fate and made them complete.
Inspired by these ancient Scandinavian beliefs, Aboagora wishes to examine how
agency is understood in relation to the past. What possibilities do we humans
have in our lives and how are we bound by the past? What does fate mean as an
individual experience or from the perspective of our planet?
Keynote speakers and artists of the event are:
Pekka Haavisto, Member of the Finnish Parliament
Topi Lehtipuu, tenor and Director of the Helsinki Festival, together with Hannu
Salmi, Professor in Cultural History (University of Turku)
Virpi Lummaa, Academy Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (University of
Riem Spielhaus, Professor in Islamic Studies (Göttingen University)
Encounters between arts and sciences includes workshop sessions and performances
in collaboration with Science Café project, Kolmas Tila – Third Space theater
group, AmosLAB/Amos Anderson Laboratory for Artful Making, IC-98 and the Centre
for the Study of Storytelling, Experientiality and Memory (SELMA).
Registration for the Aboagora symposium has started and runs until May 15th:
https://konsta.utu.fi/ (registration code: aboagora2016)
The registration fee 40€ (20€ for students and doctoral candidates) includes
participation in all workshops and lectures, coffees and Farewell Reception on
Friday 17th June. The registration will be completed once the fee is paid.
Registration period ends May 15th.
Preliminary programme of the symposium can be found here:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/851766278262427/
The aim of the symposium is to generate discussion between arts and sciences and
to develop productive dialogue on the theme of fate. The audience is welcomed to
witness various encounters between arts and sciences, through the
multidisciplinary programme.
Aboagora is a joint effort by the Department of Cultural History in the
University of Turku, Donner institute (Åbo Akademi Foundation) and Åbo Akademi
On behalf on the organizing committee,
Heli Rantala
Aboagora - Between Arts and Sciences
Falling Walls Lab Turku
Department of Cultural History
School of History, Culture and Arts Studies
20014 University of Turku
+358 50 570 4017

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