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Knowledge production in a hybrid age, Braunschweig 3. - 5.12.1015
Knowledge production in a hybrid age: Contemporary and historical perspectives
on producing textbooks and digital educational media

Georg Eckert Institute for International Textbook Research, Braunschweig

There is no teaching without media. But what do we know about decision-making
processes on what is included in these media, how they are designed, and how
they shape what future generations are to know about the world? Today’s
schools are media-rich environments, from traditional paper textbooks to
interactive digital textbooks and further media including open educational
resources (OER). The increasing appearance of new educational technology in
today’s classrooms makes it imperative to rethink classic questions about
knowledge production in schools.
Which new actors are shaping the content of today’s teaching? How are the
educational publishers, which have traditionally dominated the field, reacting
to their shifting role? What happens to classic textbook adoption processes in
countries where educational policymakers had – or still have – significant
clout in deciding which textbooks should be allowed in schools? What happens to
authoritative knowledge when the printed textbook is increasingly accompanied by
– or even replaced by – a networked system of digital teaching and learning
materials authored by a range of diverse individuals? How can quality be
assessed and maintained for digital materials? How are licensing and copyright
issues affecting what teachers select for class?
These are just some of the questions which researchers are beginning to address.
Research has identified the technological, medial, epistemic, social and
pedagogical innovations and contingencies which shape the production of
textbooks and other digital educational media, both today and in the past.
Findings emerging in disparate research fields have, however, not yet entered a
sustained dialogue with one another. In order to generate productive synergies
across the fragmented field of production research, this conference aims to
bring together researchers from diverse regional and disciplinary communities.
In particular, it will encourage discussion between, first, research on
print-based school media and digital media, and second, historical and
contemporary perspectives.
By drawing on this international and interdisciplinary exchange, the conference
will identify core dimensions of knowledge-production for schools, and shape
future perspectives on researching knowledge production in this field.
We invite papers which analyse print and digital educational media from both
diachronic and synchronic perspectives. We particularly welcome papers which
investigate the relationship between societal issues shaping the production
process and the selection and presentation of content in the materials.
Against this broad background, we are particularly – but not exclusively –
interested in the

- Theories and methods of educational media production
- Local, national, international and transnational dimensions of knowledge
production for schools
- Archiving and maintaining the historical record
- Policy frameworks
- The role of pressure groups, lobbyists and interest groups
- The work of editors and authors
- Technical, design and aesthetic dimensions
- Business models and strategies
- Copyright and licences
- Quality assurance
Please send one document (.docx, .rtf or .odt) with your paper title, a 400 word
abstract, six keywords, author information (full name, institutional
affiliation, email) and a 50-word author bio to Vera Zellmer (production at gei.de)
by Sunday 15 March 2015. We will respond to submissions by Friday 3 April 2015.
We plan to acquire additional funding to cover travel and accommodation
expenses, and intend to edit a book based on selected contributions to the
Organising team: Roderich Henry, Lars Müller, Marcus Otto, Steffen Sammler and
Zellmer. For further information, contact Steffen Sammler (sammler at gei.de)

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