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The Book to come
The 13th biannual conference of the Nordic Association for Comparative
Literature, Gothenburg, August 20–22, 2015
The aim of NorLit 2015 is both to focus on ”the book” in a historical
perspective and to examine the variety of medial, aesthetic, political and
social dimensions which to a large extent conditions contemporary literature.
The conference would like to address the question of the book to come in all its
aspects, and thus also of the book that is and was. We would like to encourage
inquires into the function and role of the book, from both contemporary and
historical perspectives. In what ways have its function and material properties
transformed? What kinds of renegotiations is literature, in the form of the
book, subject to, and what does it entail for artistic and literary practice?
What do the contemporary challenges of the book as object mean for our
conception of the history of the book (and vice versa)?
NorLit 2015 wants to offer a platform where different research fields and
disciplines, focusing on the medial and material conditions of literature, can
congregate. As much as one can speak of a general “material turn” in
humanities, there is a need for a forum that brings together the manifold
manifestations of the current interests in literature’s material and medial
conditions, a cross-disciplinary event beyond such specialized interdisciplinary
captions such as intermedia, digital humanities or book history.
Confirmed key note speakers (so far):
Professor Johanna Drucker (UCLA)
Professor Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht (Stanford University)
The conference will be hosted by the Department of Literature, History of Ideas,
and Religion, University of Gothenburg, and will take place 20–22/8 2015. All
scholars, from any country, with interests converging with that of the
conference theme are welcome to propose panels, sessions and papers. The
official conference language is English, while sessions will be partially open
to papers presented in Scandinavian languages; some sessions might also accept
papers in German and French.
Proposals for papers or panels should take the form of a 300 word abstract. 
The deadline for submission of abstracts is February 19 2015. 
Please send to conference organizer, Nils Olsson: nils.olsson at gu.se.
“The book as aesthetic object”
Artist books. Graphic/critical design, and extended typography.
“Book as Medium”
Various functions as mediator: intermediary, interface, archive, container.
”Book vs. Work vs. Text”
Genre and paratextuality. Which genres demand the book and which do not? What
are the obejcts of contemporary literary studies?
”Book as symbol”
The function of the book as a topos, motif  or thematic function in fiction
”The digital book”
The ontology of the book object in the digital age.
“History of the book”
Early modern and pre-modern books, genealogy of contemporary reading and writing
 “The book as conceptual object”
The book in relation to conceptual writing, text based art
 “The future of the book”
New reading, writing and analysing practices. Prospects of the contemporary book
“The phenomenology of the book”
On the experience of the book. What senses are involved and in what ways do they
“The illustrated book”
The book and the image, the book without words
“Politics of the book”
The book in relation to power and ideology
 “Editorial practices”
The construction of the book, philology and publishing. Questions of
authenticity and ownership
“Market and commodity”
The book as commercial object.
nils.olsson at gu.se
+46 732 482921
department of literature, history of ideas and religion
university of gothenburg
p.o. box 200, se 40530
gothenburg, sweden

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