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V PREMODS-meeting in Turku 23.-25.9.2015
V PREMODS-meeting in Turku 23.-25.9.2015 in collaboration between University of
Turku and Åbo Akademi

Theme: Culture/ Cultural History

PREMODS (PreModern Doctoral Students) is a network  for PhD students of
medieval or early modern history from Nordic universities.

The aim of the meeting is to examine how culture or/and cultural history are
present in one's own PhD research. Culture/ cultural history can be understood
very broadly and it can refer either to the  methods, research theme, sources
or for example the academic culture of writing. We invite the participants to be
open to the theme and to think  how culture or culture history are present in
their own research.


You can for example consider following questions:

How do you understand cultural history and its methods?
How have cultural history and/or its methods affected your thesis?
How do you understand the notion of culture in your study and how do you use the
What kind of "cultures" are present in your study? In sources, methods, current
research etc.
In which manner have the various theories concerning "culture", "cultural
studies" or "cultural history"(and so on) influenced your research?
Do you consider the notion of culture or related concepts useful to your study?
Yes/no, why?
What is the "academic culture" in your own department/ university and how (if
so) does it affect your thesis?
Do different "academic cultures" foster different theses on same topic?


Participants are asked to compose a text of 2-4 pages in which  they reflect on
the questions and themes mentioned above in the context of their own PhD thesis
and studies. The text should also include a short introduction to their own
research topic.

Instead of individual presentations, the seminar will be constructed on the
basis of group discussions based on the texts provided by the participants. 

The deadline for registration is in the end of June and the finished papers have
to submitted by mid-August.

The organizers will offer travel grants and accommodation to participants coming
from outside Turku.

Registrations by 30th of June and for more information, please contact:

Heta Aali, htaali at utu.fi


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