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Digital Humanities and Digital European Integration History

Helsinki, Unioninkatu 34
6.11.2014 klo 14:00 –  klo 16:00

You are welcome to attend a guest lecture organized jointly by the universities
of Turku and Helsinki: 
Digital Humanities and Digital European Integration History
Time and venue: Thursday 6th November 2-4 pm, lecture hall XI (main building,
Unioninkatu 34, Helsinki University)
Speaker: Frédéric Clavert, Digital Humanities and European Integration History
Why should we digitize historical sources? What is at stake with the
dataification of history? Taking the history of European integration as an
empirical case study, Frédéric Clavert studies what is called "digital
history", its methodological limits and its promises. In his lecture, he will
present practical examples of the use of digital tools and research materials,
in particular two digital libraries about European integration (AEU/CVCE).
Frédéric Clavert is a research engineer at Paris-Sorbonne University / LabEx
EHNE, and the editor of L'histoire contemporaine à l'ère
numérique/Contemporary History in the Digital Age (2013). For further
information see also his blog on digital history:
The presentation will be followed by comments by Veera Mitzner, Post-doctoral
research fellow, Network for European Studies (UH) and discussion. The event’s
chair will be Juhana Aunesluoma, Research Director, Network for European
This event is organized in cooperation with the teaching program History and
Politics of European Integration, University of Turku.
Providing everything goes fine, the seminar will be available as a Skype group
call for all interested, to be followed at the Skype account
Those interested will be able to access the group call and follow the seminar
through their own computers. Skype is, for example, available from the list of
programs supported by the University of Turku
To join a group call, follow these instructions:


Mac: https://support.skype.com/en/faq/FA10801/making-a-group-video-call-mac

The event will also be live-tweeted by the @ESP_Turku account, under the hashtag
Questions or comments to loucle at utu.fi

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