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Becoming the Digital Humanist 1.0
Call for Presentations – Preliminary title

Becoming the Digital Humanist 1.0

Experiences from augmenting humanist research with digital tools & methods
beyond search engines but below text mining

Second Digital Humanities Finland (#digihumfi) Symposium

Fabiania Auditorium, National Library of Finland, Yliopistonkatu 1, 2nd floor,

Friday 25 April 2014, kl. 10:00-13:00

This half-day symposium will provide examples of current  digital humanities
research 1.0, i.e. ‘intermediate’ digital humanities research that augments
traditional research projects by incorporating widely available digital and
online tools and methods. Examples of this would be researchers’ use of online
databases, search engines and visualization tools such as JSTOR, Web of Science,
The New York Times Article Archive, YouTube, Google Books & n-grams but who does
not go as far in digitalization their research to utilize more specialized –
digital humanities 2.0 – text mining methods, mapping and visualization

This is the second symposia arranged by the new research network Digital
Humanities Finland. The entrance to the National Library is from the
Yliopistonkatu/Universitetsgatan side of the Fabiania building, not from the
main entrance of the library.

If you are interested in giving a presentation about your research experience at
the symposium please contact symposium organizer Mats Fridlund at
mats.fridlund at aalto.fi.

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