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Russian culture in Baltic nature, Summer School. Call for applications:

27.6.2014 – 8.7.2014

Interdisciplinary summer school for historians around the Baltic. Organized by
the European University of St Petersburg (etc.) 

Summer school with fascinating travel and lectures from experts in the field.
Participants will get unique opportunity to investigate on theory and practice
of international and trans-border management of natural and cultural heritage



Deadline for applications 15.3.2014


Important Dates:

Call for Application opened – 1 of February 2014.
Deadline for Applications – 15 of March 2014.
Summer School - 27.06.2014 – 08.07.2014.

The Summer school “Russian Culture in Baltic Nature” is planned as
maximally international and interdisciplinary event. The participants will
explore and discuss all aspects of the heritage phenomenon. On the one hand we
intend to study the natural and cultural heritage objects as such – forts and
palaces, roads and bridges, rivers and valleys, museums and churches, in one
word – historic landscapes. We are going to look for “Russian” in
“Non-Russian” and vice versa. On the other hand we will explore the current
use, preservation, representation and management of heritage. That’s why the
program includes the heritage objects that are now in different forms of
property, under different legislation systems and used for different purposes.

The School is designed for PhD students in all related disciplines who are
interested to the topic, such as: Russian studies, transborder history, history
of cultural transfers, natural and cultural heritage management, Baltic region
studies, Fine Arts History etc. The Call for Applications is also open for
interested professionals and teachers, though Doctoral students are the main
target group.

The main aim of the school is to educate students to approach the subject
without borders, either in thinking or in the landscape. The idea is to
appreciate our common past, not to judge it! If something good is to come out of
centuries of fear and wars in the Baltic region, it just might be cultural
landscapes such as those in the Baltic region. They are places of memory and the
point is to see the whole of the past, not only one piece of it, and make
participants in the Summer School see themselves as links in the same chain in
order to give them perspective.

The Summer School will combine lectures from experts in the field , discussions
with invited special guests – researchers, practicioners in heitage
management, museum professionals, and group work. The participants will be
divided into thematical groups (for instance – Maritime heritage; Roads and
borders; Urban natural and cultural heritage; Manorial complexes etc.). Each
group will be led by one of the Summer School professors. The group will be
assigned tasks to be completed during the school and presented in the end.

Tiedustelut: Alexei Kraikovsky, European University of St Petersburg
(karlkarlito51 at gmail.com)
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