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Seminar series on the theory and philosophy of history

Helsinki, Fabianinkatu 24
8.11.2013 klo 16:00 – 9.5.2014

Seminar series on the theory and philosophy of history

Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies
Autumn and Spring 2013-2014
The detailed dates and an outline for a programme below.

Interest in theoretical and philosophical studies of history has dramatically
increased in recent years. One example of this phenomenon is the conference The
Future of the Theory and Philosophy of History in July 2013 in Belgium, which
attracted hundreds of speakers and participants from all over the world. This
current trend contrasts starkly with the almost total disappearance of the
philosophy of history and historiography from the departments of philosophy
since the 1970s, although the theory of history stayed on the agenda in other
academic contexts, such as history, literary studies and anthropology.

This seminar is designed to capture the positive momentum and examine and
discuss the nature of theoretical and philosophical studies of history. The
series is not committed to any particular school or dogma; nor is it limited to
any specific style or approach. Theoretical and philosophical questions of
history can be examined from conceptual, historiographical, metahistorical,
literary, anthropological, social and many other perspectives. We welcome both
metaphilosophical approaches and analyses on any specific problems or questions
on history. The intention is not that the seminar will converge on a view of
what the theoretical and philosophical studies are, but it is rather hoped that
the seminar manages to shed light on the various manifestations these studies
may take.

Any expressions of interest to talk or/and participate in the seminar are called
for. The seminar functions with the ‘work-in-progress’ principle. Informal
addresses and discussions are particularly encouraged, although also the
presentations of finished manuscripts are welcome.

For more information, please contact Jouni-Matti Kuukkanen. If you would like to
participate in the seminar, send an email: jouni-matti.kuukkanen at helsinki.fi

The seminar takes normally place on Fridays 2-4pm.

The venue is Seminar Room 136, Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies
(Fabianinkatu 24)

Autumn 2013

October 11 Jouni-Matti Kuukkanen
4-6pm! Theoretical and philosophical study of history. What could it be?

November 8 Jorma Kalela 
Shared histories and the role of the historians in saving democracy

December 13 Marek Tamm
Truth, proof and objectivity: old concepts revisited

Spring 2014

January 24 Petri Ylikoski 

February 7 Lisa Muszynski
’Styles of reasoning' in Hayden White: Examples from a selection of his texts

February 28 Kalle Pihlainen

March 14 Päivi Seppälä

April 11 Sami Syrjämäki
Anachronism as Original Sin - Skinner, Gadamer and Collingwood on prejudice

May 9 TBA 

Possible June gathering 

Jouni-Matti Kuukkanen 

Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies 
Fabianinkatu 24 
00014 Helsinki 
Email: jouni-matti.kuukkanen at helsinki.fi

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