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FASA 2013 on North-American Studies
Friday, Sept. 27, 2013 at 9.30am - 7.00pm.
Tieteiden Talo, Kirkkokatu 6 (Room 404), 00170 Helsinki.

FASA (Finnish American Studies Association) board is happy to announce the third
one-day long FASA SEMINAR on North-American Studies — in cooperation with the
Helsinki Graduate Seminar for North American Studies. The purpose of the seminar
is to discuss the various current topics among scholars and doctoral and M.A.
students on American literature, history, sociology, popular culture, and in all
other fields of North-American studies.

FASA Board and Professor Markku Henriksson from the Helsinki Graduate Seminar
for North American Studies welcomes you to join the discussions of this
get-together, the purpose of which is also to get to know each other across
disciplines and across the country. If you do not yet belong to FASA, you can
join the association with a minimum 11 Euro student membership fee. See the
instructions on FASA website at: 

The seminar will consist of workshop sessions open to all participants. We call
for 20-40-page long research papers to be delivered in advance so that we can
designate a commentator for each paper. At least 8 papers can be accepted. We
expect a 10-15 minute briefing by the author and a 20-minute long response from
the commentator to be followed by a general Q&A.

We hope that researchers will suggest a commentator for their papers.
Nevertheless, the board will take care that each paper will be read in advance
by at least one expert in the field. Available as commentators are at least the
following: Pirjo Ahokas (Literature), Ari Helo (History, historiography,
politics), Markku Henriksson (Native Americans, Canadian Studies), Jopi Nyman
(Literature), Lotta Kähkönen (Literature), Mervi Miettinen (Popular Culture),
Mikko Saikku (Environmental history, methodology), and Katri Sieberg
(Economics). Moreover, the board will be able to get written commentaries from
numerous scholars in Finland and abroad via its NAAS and other scholarly

Please contact FASA President Ari Helo at ari.helo(at)oulu.fi on the topic of
your paper as soon as possible, but by September 13, 2013 at the latest.

Seminar website at: 
Parhain terveisin, ARI

Ari Helo, FT (Ph.D)
Yliopistonlehtori / University Lecturer
Aate- ja oppihistoria / History of Science and Ideas
Oulun yliopisto / University of Oulu
PL 1000, 9OO14 Oulun yliopisto (Finland)
Huone / Room HU 350
Puh./ tel. 044-280 3885 
Email: ari.helo at oulu.fi
FASA Homepage:

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