[H-verkko] CFP: Reading and Writing from Below: Exploring the Margins of Modernity, 20–22.8. 2014 Helsinki

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Reading and Writing from Below: Exploring the Margins of Modernity, 20–22.8.
2014 Helsinki

Reading and Writing from Below: Exploring the Margins of Modernity

20–22 August, 2014

Helsinki, Finland


Papers are invited which seek to contribute to the study of the social history
of literacy and its connection to the advent of modernity. Modernity here is
understood to have taken place anytime from the 17th to the 20th centuries,
depending on the context. By literacy is meant not just the ability to read and
write but rather the totality of the processes and practices involved in the
production, dissemination and reception of written texts, while the perspective
‘from below’ indicates that the focus is on non-privileged people, their
experiences and points of view.


Studying the literacy practices of people with little or no formal education
from the lower strata of society challenges traditional dichotomies such as
manuscript vs. print, oral vs. written and centre vs. periphery. This from below
perspectivealso changes the ways in which the processes of literacy education,
acquisition and appropriation have previously been understood, and thus invites
a revision of social, cultural and literary history.


The language of the conference is English. Participants are welcome from
disciplines such as folklore studies, history, linguistics and literature. The
proposed papers should focus on literacy and involve a ‘from below’
perspective. Suggested themes:


Interface between the oral and the written
Print cultures and scribal communities
Sponsors of literacy
Genres and source materials
Conventions and traditions of reading and writing
Early media and the public sphere
Reading experiences
Artefactual philology
Popular prints


The programme will include plenary lectures by Margaret Ezell and Jan Blommaert,
a roundtable discussion and paper sessions. Each paper will be allocated 20
minutes plus 10 minutes for discussion. Abstracts of no more than 2000
characters (including spaces) should be sent to reading-conference at helsinki.fi
by September 1st, 2013.


Notifications of acceptance will be communicated in November 2013. Please
include your name, affiliation and contact information in your abstract, in
addition to a brief biography (max. 1000 characters).


The conference is organised by the research project Reading and writing from
below: Toward a new social history of literacy in the Nordic sphere during the
long nineteenth century (financed by the NOS-HS, 2011–2014).


Organising committee 


Anna Kuismin, Senior Fellow, Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies

Tuija Laine, Professor of Book History, University of Helsinki

Kirsti Salmi-Niklander, Academy Research Fellow, University of Helsinki

Laura Stark, Professor of Ethnology, University of Jyväskylä

Kristiina Anttila, Conference Assistant


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