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The Eighteenth Century in Practice, Nordic Conference for Eighteenth-Century
CALL FOR PAPERS: The Eighteenth Century in Practice

Nordic Conference for Eighteenth-Century Studies, Lysebu Conference Center in
Oslo, Wednesday 28 to Saturday 31 August 2013.

Conference theme

The concept of praxis/practice entails a long history from Aristotle to
Bourdieu. The conference launches this concept in its widest sense in order to
draw attention to the practices of the eighteenth century as well as to our own
practices as we explore this period today.

The concept resonates with current

historical interest in the concrete, individual and material. The preoccupation
with practice directs attention away from epochal shifts to specific processes,
from groundbreaking ideas to the surge of textual production, from great
personalities to tangled networks. In this sense, the study of practice always
involves the awareness of change.

The Enlightenment is not just a conceptual complex. It is also a dynamic
hodgepodge of practices connected to politics, science, industry, medicine, art,
literature, entertainment and everyday life.

In the eighteenth century, technological and economic developments transformed
material culture, and culture's relation to the material. The concept of
practice embraces this phenomenon by drawing the attention to concrete
documents, media, technologies and materials.

The preoccupation with practice implies an element of self-reflection and gives
rise to discussions about the methods employed while studying the eighteenth
century. What are the practices shaping and transforming our understanding of
eighteenth-century events, persons and monuments? Which reading practice do we
follow in the interpretation of eighteenth-century literature? Which performance
practice do we resort to in presenting eighteenth- century music and drama?

Finally, the concept of practice is also beneficial to the study of the Nordic
countries from The Treaty of Nystad 1721 to Eidsvoll 1814. It raises the
question, in what sense this epoch was shaped by local and national practices,
on the one hand, and by practices originating in international trends, on the
other. These questions gain interest in light of the 200th anniversary for the
political events of 1814. In what sense did these events put eighteenth-century
ideas into practice?

Keynote speakers

Keynote speakers at the conference include Marie-Christine Skuncke, Uppsala
University, Pasi Ihalainen, Jyväskylä University, and David Marshall,
University of California Santa Barbara.

Workshop for students

A central goal for the conference is the recruitment of new researchers, and for
this purpose a special workshop for Ph.D. and M.A. students will be held on
Wednesday 28 August.

Conference languages

Parallel sessions will be held in Scandinavian languages or English. Plenary
sessions will be in English.


The conference welcomes contributions from all areas of study. Papers may be
based on a concrete source material, describe individual works and monuments,
emphasize certain events and practices, focus on specific technologies and
industries, analyze media and publics, or explore networks and processes.

Papers may be presented in any of the Scandinavian lanuages or English.

The participants are invited to submit proposals for individual papers as well
as thematic sessions. New forms of presentation and presentations featuring
artistic elements are encouraged.


Proposals for individual papers and thematic sessions should be submitted to the
organizing committee by 15 February 2013, including a 150 word abstract of the
proposed paper, name of participant, mailing address, phone, fax, and e-mail.

Proposals should be sent to: informasjon at 1700-tallet.no

Notice of acceptance will be given by 1. April 2013.


The conference is organized by the Norwegian Society for Eighteenth-Century
Studies, in association with the Finnish, Swedish and Danish Societies for
Eighteenth-Century Studies.

Collaborating partners are The Kultrans research program of The University of
Oslo, The Centre for Gender Research of The University of Oslo, The
Danish-Norwegian Cooperative Foundation and the Lysebu Conference Center.

Further information, as well as a preliminary conference programme, will follow
soon at this website:


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