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Archives as Sites of Memory

Helsinki, Ritarikatu 5
14.5.2013 klo 13:00

Making and Interpreting National Pasts – The Role of Finnish Archives as
Networks of Power and Sites of Memory

Archives as Sites of Memory  


The seminar will take place on 14th of May 2013, in The Society of Swedish
Literature in Finland (SLS), Ritarikatu 5, Helsinki, Finland.


13.00 Opening: Professor of Finnish history Kirsi Vainio-Korhonen 13.15
University Archivist and Head of Department Patricia Whatley: Community Memory
and the Record: Remembering and Forgetting 14.15 Director of Collections
Management Division Jaana Kilkki: Politics of Memory – Case South-African
Archival Landscape 15.15–15.45 Coffee and tea 15.45–17.15 Sessions 15.45
Doctoral Candidate Petra Hakala and Chief of Archives Mikael Korhonen: Archives,
Memory, Oblivion – the Emergence of a Private Archival Institution Commenter
Ulla-Maija Peltonen 16.15 Doctoral Candidate Andreas McKeough: Personal
Histories, Shared Pasts – An Overview of the Origins of First-person
Narratives Describing the Finnish Civil War
Commenter Liisa Vuonokari 16.45 Doctoral Candidate Liisa Vuonokari: Occupied
memories – The War Booty Archive in East Karelia 1941–1944
Commenter Andreas McKeough   Discussion 17.15 Conclusion: Chief of Archives
Ulla-Maija Peltonen

The seminar is free, but participants are asked to fill in a registration form
by 6.5.2013 on our website kamera.utu.fi/conferences/2013/.

For more information, please visit the home page of the academy project:
kamera.utu.fi or send email to tmsaar at utu.fi or lmvuon at utu.fi.

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