[H-verkko] Helsinki, REGISTER II: Emergence, Change and Obsolescence

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REGISTER II: Emergence,Change and Obsolescence

Helsinki, Hallituskatu 1
22.5.2013 klo 08:45 – 24.5.2013 klo 17:45

Preliminary Program

Wednesday, May 22nd

Finnish Literature Society (Hallituskatu 1)

 8.45–9.15 Registration

 9.15–9.30 Opening words

Tuomas M.S. Lehtonen (Finnish Literature Society)

Frog (University of Helsinki)

 9.30–10.30 Keynote lecture

Charles Briggs (University of California) 
(Im)Mobilizing Scientific Registers, or, What Do Epidemiology, Laments, Personal
Narratives, Photographs, and Dead Bodies Have to Do with One Another?

10.30–11.00 COFFEE

11.00–12.30 Session I

Eila Stepanova (University of Helsinki) 
The Creativity of Karelian Lamenters and Changes in the Lament Register

Flóra Hatvani (Eötvös Loránd University) 
Swearing and cursing in the Erzya-Mordvin language

Zsófia Sziráki (Eötvös Loránd University) 
On the Denomination of Illnesses in the Udmurt Language

12.30–14.00 LUNCH

14.00–15.00 Keynote lecture

Timo Kaartinen (University of Helsinki) 
Lost Registers and Recovered Meanings: How to Embed Tradition in New Context?

15.00–15.30 COFFEE

15.30–17.00 Session II

Jim Wilce (Northern Arizona University) 
Judging Laments and Lament Registers: A Tale of Three Authenticities

Janika Oras (Estonian Literary Museum) 
Verbal Dueling in Estonian Weddings: Intermediated and Immediate Experiences

Kati Kallio (Finnish Literature Society / University of Helsinki) 
A New Context: The Wedding Register as a Means of Greeting a Foreign Audience

 18.00–19.00 Cultural Program: Helsinki Enregistered: A Guided Tram Tour

Guided by onomastician Terhi Ainiala and urban geographer Jani Vuolteenaho

Thursday, May 23 rd

Finnish Literature Society (Hallituskatu 1)

 9.15–9.30 (Coffee)

9.30–10.30 Keynote lecture

Ruqaiya Hasan (Macquarie University) 
Reflections on the Emergence of Register

COFFEE 10.30–11.00

11.00–12.30 Session III

Joseph Grim Feinberg (University of Chicago) 
>From Indignation to Irony: International Labor Songs and the Changing Addressees
of Agitation

Anna Rajavuori (University of Helsinki) 
Performing Authority: Registers of Language in Socialist Agitation in Early 20
th-Century Finland

Per Holmberg (University of Gothenburg) 
Learning the Register of Expository Texts: A Longitudinal Study in Swedish Upper
Secondary School

 LUNCH 12.30–14.00

14.00–15.00 Keynote lecture

Douglas Biber (Northern Arizona University) 
Being Specific about Historical Change: The Influence of Sub-Register

COFFEE 15.00–15.30

 15.30–17.00 Session IV

Pertti Anttonen (University of Helsinki) 
Registers of Representation in Archival Documents of Folk Belief

Niina Hämäläinen (University of Turku) 
Reflections on textual presentations of Elias Lönnrot

Jonathan Roper (University of Tartu) 
Coker Egerton’s Registers

 18:00 Buffet reception at the Finnish Literature Society

Friday, May 24 th

Finnish Literature Society (Hallituskatu 1)

9.15–9.30 (Coffee)

9.30–10.30 Keynote lecture

Lars Boje Mortensen (University of Southern Denmark) 
The Rise of the Prose Register: a Comparative View

COFFEE 10.30–11.00 (2 nd floor)

 11.00–12.30 Session V

Tuomas M. S. Lehtonen (Finnish Literature Society) 
Lutheran Hymns and Oblivion of Oral Kalevalaic Poetics: Religious, Cultural and
Linguistic Shift in Finland during the Reformation

Deborah A. Jones (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor ) 
Odessa as She Is: Imaginings and Exploitations of a Fabled Dialect in Southern

Frog (University of Helsinki) 
Register, Ideology and Cultural Transformation: Considering the Displacement of
Oral-Poetic Communication

LUNCH 12.30–14.00

14.00–15.30 Session VI

Lotte Tarkka (University of Helsinki) 
The Poetics of Quotation: Proverbial Speech and Entextualization

Outi Lauhakangas (Independent Researcher, Helsinki) 
The Role of Proverbs and Proverb Modifications in Intentional Shifts of Register

Liisa Granbom-Herranen (University of Jyväskylä) 
The Newspaper – A Context for Traditional and Modern Proverbs

COFFEE 15.30–16.00 (2 nd floor)

 16.00–17.30 Session VII

Chi-hua Hsiao (University of California, Los Angeles) 
Translating Humor in U.S. Sitcoms: Grammar, Culture and Politics

Anthony McCann (Independent Scholar / anthonymccann.com)
Revisiting Register: Affectual Intensity and Diagnostic Opportunities in the
Analysis of Discourse and Power

Venla Sykäri (University of Helsinki) 
Improvised Oral Poetry and Inside-Group Dynamics

Closing discussion 17.30–17.45

18:00 Reception hosted by the Rector of the University of Helsinki,

University Main Building, Newspaper Room (Unioninkatu 34, 2 nd floor).

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