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Veteran Identities: One Hundred Years of the First World War
Special Issue of the Journal of War and Culture Studies.
Veteran Identities: One Hundred Years of the First World War

The end of the twentieth century saw a renewed critical and artistic interest in
cultural representations and memories of the First World War, reflected in a
plethora of films and novels in Britain and France, for example, a vast range of
academic studies, and the creation of several research centres devoted to this
conflict alone. At the beginning of this century, and as the war passed from
living memory into History, nations became transfixed by the figure of the last
veteran. Debates as to how to commemorate his passing preoccupied both
politicians and the press. The figure of the veteran thus became the figure
around which the memory of this war increasingly crystallised. As its hundredth
anniversary draws near, this issue of the Journal of War and Culture Studies
will explore the ways in which various cultures have portrayed veterans of the
First World War, but also the varied ways in which veterans have represented
themselves. It therefore seeks papers that study the representation of the First
World War veteran or veterans’ self-representation from a variety of nations
and cultural source material, including, but not limited to, literature,
memoirs, film, photography, art, music and song. Authors may want to consider
the social or political ends that such representations serve, as well as the
diverse individuals who sought to claim veteran status, including not only
ex-combatants, but also women, non-combatant men and those mobilised from
 Deadline for receipt of contributions: 1st May 2013.
All articles should be 5,000–6,000 words in length, and follow Maney
Publishing's style guide, and be submitted via the Journal's website at

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